Football Foundation grants for storage containers at football clubs

Are you looking for secure storage for your football club? Great news! The Football Foundation is continuing its scheme to offer grants to grassroots football clubs and charities to support them in purchasing shipping containers for secure storage.

side view of 8m long flat pack storage container on edge of sports field
Storage containers for football clubs

The Football Foundation is a charity partnership between the FA, the Premier League, and the UK Government that aims to help communities improve their local football facilities with the provision of grants. This scheme offers grants of up to £25,000 to purchase new or refurbished containers.

Shipping containers provide secure storage for football clubs that need to free up space or increase their capacity for equipment. Using a container for storage offers more security than a standard shed, and it is far easier and more cost-effective than building an extension or a stand-alone lock up.

Who can apply for the grant and how?

Blue shipping container being craned into position on site.
Container delivery

Whilst you don’t have to be a football club to apply for the grant, grassroots football must be an integral part of what your organisation offers. Each club or organisation can only apply once per season and multiple sites will not be accepted under one application.

The Football Foundation will award a maximum grant of £25,000 that does not exceed 75% of the total project costs and the grant only applies to the purchase of a storage container with a minimum 12-month warranty (this is the perfect time for us to point out that all of our containers are sold with a 12-month wind and watertight guarantee!)

Some additional criteria have been introduced to the scheme since its launch in 2023. The main points to be aware of are that grants will only fund the purchase of new or fully refurbished storage containers with a minimum 12-month warranty and cannot cover the cost of rented or leased storage containers. However, grants can be used for the replacement of existing storage containers that have reached the end of their useful life, subject to the applicant justifying the need.

Applicants are required to seek planning permission from their local authority for their container before their application is submitted. Where planning consent has not been secured, the application will be processed but no funding will be released the applicant can confirm evidence of planning consent (depending on the local authority, this can take around eight weeks).

It’s important to note that only the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer of the Club can submit an application form.

You can find full details on eligibility and applying for the Football Foundation’s secure storage container grant here.

Does your football club need a Shipping Container for equipment storage?

Budget Shipping Containers can provide a wide range of used shipping containers, refurbished shipping containers, and new (one trip) shipping containers. 20ft or 40ft shipping containers are generally our most popular sized containers for storage, but if you are looking for a container to fit a particular size space, we can cut other containers to size to suit your requirements. See our full range of shipping containers for sale, or give us a call and a member of our team would be happy to advise you.

We also offer a range of insulation kits and treatments to prevent condensation from forming inside your container and causing water or damp damage to the contents.See our full range of shipping container insulation and ventilation options.

We have a range of options to provide additional security for your shipping container. Our Squire Container Padlocks and Shipping Container Lock Boxes will offer an extra deterrent to any would-be thieves.

Have you considered a flat pack shipping container for storage?

If you are not eligible for the Football Foundation grant scheme, or if a standard shipping container is not suitable for your site, you might like to consider a flat pack shipping container for storage – and we can help with these too!

Our range of flat pack shipping containers includes many options for storage that are ideal if your club site cannot be accessed by large container delivery trucks, or if you are unable to access grant funding for a standard container. They can be assembled by you, at your site and can be easily packed up and cheaply moved between 2 sites or projects.

Watch our short video for a demonstration of our flat pack storage container range.

All Shipping Containers sold with a Quality Guarantee

Every shipping container sold by Budget Shipping Containers (including our flat pack containers and other storage containers) is professionally checked over, and if necessary will be repaired before sale. Every one of our containers is sold with our 12 month guarantee against leaks or natural defects.

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