How to use Shipping Containers to create memorable events

The global events industry has taken a huge knock in 2020 after COVID19 restrictions and social distancing prevented gatherings of large groups of people.

Smaller events are beginning to open up again, and now the events industry faces a new challenge as event organisers and PR teams search for new ways to make their events not only safe but memorable for the right reasons.

Here at Budget Shipping Containers, we have helped many events organisers and PR teams over the years to deliver really great events with the help of our very adaptable and highly customisable shipping containers.  In this blog post, we share a few case studies, and some other excellent examples of how shipping containers can be used to create memorable events, and PR stunts that create a buzz too!

If you like the idea of customising a shipping container to create a memorable event, our expert team is on hand to help!

Floating Shipping Container Billboard for Under Armour

Under Armour Publicity Stunt

Shipping Containers are used to being out on the water and this PR campaign for Under Armour, commissioned by event support services suppliers Knight Rigging Services was a perfect opportunity to return our containers to their natural home – floating along the water on the River Thames!

Under Armour required a giant floating billboard to launch their ‘Earn Your Armour’ rugby campaign.  We supplied eight used 20ft shipping containers which were customised into giant floating banners and loaded onto a 98ft barge before being floated under Tower Bridge!  Pretty impressive stuff, and it certainly attracted a lot of attention.

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Shipping Container DJ Booth for World Cup Cricket

Shipping Containers lend themselves well to conversions into DJ booths and we were pleased to supply a used 20ft shipping container for use in a traveling fan zone alongside the 2019 Cricket World Cup.  This portable event set up was able to be moved between locations as part of a touring roadshow.  Shipping Containers are ideal for temporary projects such as this as they are easily transferable (with the right equipment!) and perfectly customisable at a reasonable price.

For this project, we added personnel doors and internal electrics ready for the events AV company to install the DJ equipment.  We also added apertures to the long sides of the containers and fitted secure roller shutters before custom painting them in the brand colours requested by our clients!

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Shipping Container Exhibition Stand for the Champions League Final

Shipping Container exhibition stands are a popular choice for many event setups.  Containers offer a slightly sturdier and re-useable option to standard exhibition stand build-ups whilst being transportable between event locations and very customisable.

When the UEFA Champions League Final came to Cardiff in 2017, we supplied new 20ft shipping containers to two separate clients for use as events and PR space at the Millennium Stadium.  The first container was transformed into an interactive exhibition stand to showcase a virtual Champion’s League trophy for Nissan.  By removing the side of a new shipping container and customising it with Nissan branding – an ex-shipping container was converted into an eye-catching and hardy outdoor exhibition space which stood securely outside a busy venue for the week leading up to the event.

The second new 20ft shipping container was converted into a pop-up information point for the cup final.  We had it custom painted black and delivered to site for design agency Fernleigh Design to add the finishing touches to their walk-in visitor stand on location.

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Pop-up Shipping Container Bars

We have supplied many a shipping container bar conversion in our time, and we have seen a huge rise in popularity of container bars – particularly after the COVID19 lockdown as many hospitality businesses have worked to diversify their venues for social distancing.

One of our favourite shipping container bar conversions was a pop-up street bar to showcase Singha Beer at a very cool urban food and drink festival back in 2016.

For this project, we commissioned a new side-opening 20ft shipping container after our client requested a strong, maneuverable solution with a good amount of access.  Side opening shipping containers are a popular option for conversions into self-contained mobile exhibition stands, cafes, bars, snack stands, and even small retail outlets, but they can be hard to source on certain budgets.  We recently posted some tips for alternatives to side-opening shipping containers which you can read here.

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Container bars and concession stands for DEPOT Cardiff

Shipping Container bars are a popular addition to many events and, as you can see from the above examples, we are experienced at converting shipping containers into pop-up bars.  But in 2019 we were approached by DEPOT Cardiff with a larger scale event requirement and we jumped at the opportunity!

We supplied five 40ft and five 20ft shipping containers for conversions into bars, toilets, concession stands, and equipment storage to DEPOT Cardiff which is a premier venue space for creative music events, hip hop karaoke plus other events including Ginstock, Brewfest, Pizza & Prosecco  and Bingo Lingo.

Our role in this project was to begin the container conversion process by adding high-security personal doors, making cut-outs for serving hatches, and applying exterior paintwork.  As experienced event professionals with an onsite team, the guys at DEPOT then completed their customised container conversions on location.

A great project at a versatile events venue that shows just what can be achieved with enough space, a great shipping container supplier, and the right vision.

Read the full Case Study

Other fantastic uses of shipping containers for memorable events…

The following are examples of shipping containers being used to create memorable events by other suppliers.

Illuminated Shipping Container Wall

Image by Leonardo Finotti for Bernardes Jacobsen

We absolutely love this illuminated shipping container wall which was created as a temporary music festival venue in Rio de Janeiro.

The shipping containers were stacked on top of each other in a staggered design leaving some empty gaps which showed glimpses of the breath-taking vista behind the event location.  Other containers were transformed into projection screens which shone brightly with visuals during the event.  Containers at the base of the stack were used to create pop-up bars and admittance areas.

What an amazing use of shipping containers for events!

Images and content sourced from and image credits to Leonardo Finotti for Bernardes Jacobsen

Shipping Container Hotel Room Mock-up

Image by Quoc Ngo

When Marriott International launched its brand new Moxy Hotels brand, they needed an eye-catching PR campaign to attract the attention of millennial travelers, and 2 humble shipping containers provided the perfect solution.  The USA launch was held in Los Angeles where the 2 containers were used to create a pop-up extendable bar and a full prototype Moxy Hotels hotel room installation which visitors could enter to experience the hotel room in person.  A solution that would work very well for similar events in today’s social-distanced circumstances.  The pop-up hotel room was later moved to Marriott HQ as a permanent prototype display.

Content sourced from and image credits to Quoc Ngo

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