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London Shipping Container Lockdown Clearance Sale 2020

Shipping Container clearance deals in London and the Home Counties

Covid-19 and the lockdown measures affected many businesses and supply chains, and continue to do so. At the start of the crisis there was a shortage of shipping containers, which forced the market price up significantly. The good news is that containers are now moving again, and we’re expecting lots of stock to arrive in the coming weeks.

To clear some space we’re having a clearance sale of stock from our London depots. The offers below are strictly limited, so please contact us without delay to secure these great prices! We can deliver of course, just let us know the delivery postcode and we’ll add this to your quote.

Budget Shipping Containers have the largest online range of shipping containers and accessories in the UK. If what you are looking for isn’t on this page browse our full range of shipping containers for sale or call our team (Free phone 0808 1234 215) any normal working weekday 9am – 7pm to talk through options.

All these clearance lines are offered ex-London:

20ft Containers from £1200 +VAT!

20ft Refurbished Builders Stores from £1200 + VAT – 2 available

20ft Green ContainerIf you need a functional 20ft storage container, but are not worried about looks, a builders store will be your cheapest option. These are generally older containers that we have bought on the open market, rather than direct from shipping lines. As with all our containers they are fully checked before sale, and any necessary repairs will have been carried out. We guarantee that they will be wind and watertight with serviceable doors, hinges and floor. We strongly recommend that these are repainted and have included cost for this in the price. A security lockbox is also included. Priced at £1200 + VAT (including repainting in your choice of standard dark RAL colour) these are fantastic value for money. Please follow this link for further details and example pictures.

Near new 20ft Shipping Containers £1675 + VAT – 10 available

Near New‘One-trip’ containers are the closest to new that you can buy in the UK, having been used for only one trip from China. Prices for these have been affected most by the Coronavirus, shortage of supply has seen prices soar to over £2000 + VAT each. We have a limited number of these near-new examples, they are around 4 years old, blue, and are in excellent condition. These can be used for shipping, just let us know and we’ll make sure that the CSC plate is valid. With a typical saving of around £300 against a one-trip container these are a real bargain, and we don’t expect them to be around for long! Price £1675 + VAT each, full details and pictures on this link.

20ft One trip shipping container with corner post dent £1625 + VAT – 1 available

This one-trip 20ft shipping container had a dented corner post on arrival. In otherwise fantastic condition it cannot be used for shipping (as the corner post is structural), but is an excellent storage container or starting block for a conversion project. The use of the container as a single unit is not affected in any way by the dent in the corner post (these are designed to support the weight of many more loaded containers stacked on top). The doors operate correctly, the floor is solid, and as always we guarantee that it is wind and watertight. As with most genuine one-trip shipping containers the whole of the container is built from COR-TEN steel, a very special anti-rust alloy of steel – we commonly see containers with 10-15 year old scratches that have not yet rusted through the 1.6mm thick side, hence we are confident that this dent will not affect the containers life when used for storage. Thankfully structural damage on one-trip containers is very rare, so this is a genuine one-off special price. This will sell fast so please call to check availability. Price £1625 + VAT, full details and pictures on this link.

Near new 20ft Tunnel (doors at both ends) Shipping Containers £1995 + VAT – SOLD

Tunnel containerLike the standard 20ft containers above, these near-new Tunnel containers are in fantastic condition and only a few years old. Tunnel containers have full width cargo doors at both ends, which can be very useful when storing large items that are difficult to move. You can also use a shipping container divider wall to split them into 2 convenient 10ft storage units. They can be used for shipping if required, please make us aware and we can check or renew the CSC plate. With a saving of £300 against a standard one-trip tunnel container these will go fast, so please contact us without delay to secure. Full details on this link. Price £1995 + VAT each

Near new 20ft High Cube Shipping Containers £2000 + VAT – SOLD

Near new high cubes

We bought these 20ft high cube containers as part of a liquidation sale. Usually costing around £2450 + VAT, 20ft high cubes are usually only available as one-trip units. These near new examples are in fantastic condition and can be used for shipping if required (please advise us if you will be using them to ship, we will ensure the CSC plate is valid). High Cube containers are an extra foot higher than the standard height containers, being 9ft 6ins high externally. This makes them ideal for items that are too large for standard containers, and overall capacity is increased by around 12%. Price £2000 + VAT each

Fully Lined and Insulated 20ft Container £2000 + VAT – SOLD

20ft LinedInsulating shipping containers is a fantastic way to prevent condensation and prevent heat loss, but can be expensive. This 20ft container was bought back from a customers site and checked and repainted by us. The container walls have been timber framed and plasterboard lined over a layer of insulation. A lockbox is also included (usually an additional £50 +VAT). As a secure, dry and insulated space this would be make a great conversion project for a shed or workshop, or storage for sensitive items. At over £500 cheaper than a typical used container with the same modifications this is great value for the right customer. Price £2000 + VAT, full details and pictures on this link.

40ft Containers from £1350 + VAT!

40ft Refurbished Storage Containers £1475 + VAT – 10 available

Like the 20ft builders stores above these are the cheap and cheerful option. These storage units are older containers that may have been already used for site storage. They are guaranteed wind and watertight and will have serviceable doors and a solid floor, but cosmetics are not guaranteed and can be poor. A full external repaint in your choice of dark RAL colour is included in the price. A security lockbox is also included. Overall these will be the best value for money shipping container available. So, if looks are not too important, these are the ideal economy storage option. Price £1475 + VAT (including repainting in your choice of standard dark RAL colour). Full details and example pictures on this link.

40ft Used Shipping Containers £1350 + VAT

40ft used containerOur used shipping containers are the ideal solution for either storage or shipping, or both! Sourced direct from shipping lines these are guaranteed wind and watertight and can come complete with valid CSC plate for shipping on request (no extra charge). These have been maintained to shipping standards through their lifespan and will therefore have previous repairs evident, and carry surface rust, scratches and dents. Please note this is our regular London price for these. We believe it can’t be beaten, but do let us know if you get a better like-for-like offer! Price £1350+ VAT Full details and example pictures on this link.

Very Good Condition used 40ft High Cube Container £1550 + VAT – SOLD

Overlaid FloorThis better-than-average 40ft high cube (9ft 6in high) container came into our stock with a damaged floor, but in otherwise fantastic condition for it’s age. We overlaid the floor with brand new ply and fully checked the unit. The doors work correctly and it is guaranteed wind and watertight. The overlaid floor means that this cannot be used for shipping, but would make a fantastic storage container at a great price. Price £1550 + VAT, full details and pictures on this link.

40ft High Cube Refrigerated Containers suitable for shipping – 2 available

These 40ft refrigerated containers (Reefers) can be used for temperature controlled shipping or storage. They can be set up as a freezer or a fridge, at whatever temperature you need (within normal ranges, please contact us if you have extreme temperature requirements). Reefers have excellent insulation properties, but are not designed to bring product down to temperature, items should be loaded once already chilled or frozen. These high cube (9ft 6ins external height) reefers are inspected and ready to deliver from our London depot. These are working units, younger than the average used reefer, and are equipped with good quality Carrier machinery. We can arrange delivery quickly if required so these units could be a fantastic buy for short/medium-term storage or for shipping. Please let us know if you plan to ship internationally and we will make sure that CSC certification is in order. Price £4950 + VAT offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale with a nationwide network of storage and conversion yards and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

If you need a shipping container feel free to browse our online range of shipping containers for sale, which also includes our ranges of flat pack sheds, container canopies and more. You can also call us on freephone 0808 1234 215 any time 9am – 7pm weekdays and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can use our online shipping container quote form or request a telephone callback. In both cases we aim to get back to you within 1-2 working hours (may take longer for more detailed quotes).

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