Marine Grade Paint for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers use a very specific hard wearing marine grade paint. This helps them survive in some of the most inhospitable environments on earth – from being frozen into an ice block, to travelling through the Sahara desert and weeks on end being battered by salt water waves. Shipping containers take a lot of abuse and their design plus the hard wearing paint they use help them last for up to 15 years of service, and occassionally beyond.

Where can I buy shipping container paint

In the UK we supply 5 litre container paint and 20 litre container paint for shipping containers. we can colour match to all common container colours used on new shipping containers, and we can also supply paint to match any of our own refurbished shipping containers. We can match to anyone else’s colour as long as you can get the RAL colour code for the paint used.

Renew paintwork on shipping containers.

Our 20 litre tinShipping containers painted in orange, red, blue and teals of marine grade paint for shipping containers are ideal if you want to repaint a full 20ft shipping container. Over time your paint will fade, and if you’ve purchased a basic used shipping container it will come in its original shipping line livery, and it will have some surface rust.

A 10-15 year old container will have significant fading on the marine grade paint layer, so it’s impractical to try to colour match an old faded paint shade.  In these instances a fresh all over external repaint will have the container looking smart and neat. This can also help extend the life of a shipping container. Note: ensuring the roof has been repainted is very important if you are aiming for additional life from your repaint. This is usually the area on a shipping container that will degrade first.

Touch up paintwork scratches on one trip shipping containers

Our 5 litre tubs of touch up paint for shipping containers are ideal to touch up any one trip (new) or refurbished containers when they arrive with you. Even freshly repainted shipping containers may have the odd scratch from where our delivery vehicle has had to attach chains. One trip containers will often have some scraping on the end frames (where port equipment needs to touch the shipping container to lift and move it about)

Durable genuine marine grade paint for shipping containers

shipping containers with side panels repainted new coloursOur paint can be hand painted or sprayed on. Spraying can achieve the best results but you will also need specific thinners and suitable spray equipment. Please get in touch if you are not familiar with the process and we can furnish you with data sheets and application guides for this paint. Most customers who are simply touching up paintwork will be happy with a brush as it is generally a 5-10 minute job to patch up the paintwork on a new or refurbished container.

This solvent based paint does not require a primer, simply add a second coat only if needed. If you have touched up an area that you don’t like, leave this to dry for 20 minutes before going over the area again. Going over a half dry surface with fresh paint when brushing will pull off the drying paint layer.

When painting in the cold we suggest ensuring the tin of paint is at least 20 degrees Celsius, this will ensure the paint will flow better than if the paint is cold. This can be done by stirring the paint in a warm area, or by warming the tin (with the lid firmly closed!) in a tub of warm water. Never use flames to heat your paint and never smoke whilst painting or near anyone painting.

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