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Company News

Shipping Container Canopies for Eurotunnel Folkestone

As you might expect, the crew at Eurotunnel Folkestone have more than your average engineering challenges, and to help equip them for this they need an awful lot of space! For our recent project, we supplied 10x one trip 40ft high cube containers, with lights, electrical safety gear & trunking supplied, heavy duty shelving and 2 of our shipping container canopies to allow them large areas of covered space between the containers Offering most likely a generation [...]

Shipping Containers for the Haulage Industry

Shipping containers are extremely popular with many hauliers with large yards as they help keep various items safe, dry and secure. In the case of Emms transport they wanted some 30ft stackable containers for their yard which has side doors fitted for storage. Emms Transport & Training are based in South Yorkshire and specialise in road transport, haulage and logistic solutions across the UK and EU. They needed a specific length shipping container with additional side access for their [...]

Biomass Boiler Containers

Budget Shipping Containers offer biomass boiler containers for a variety of applications such as portable fuel stores or for conversion into complete self-contained installations.  Biomass boiler housing made from a shipping container can also be a cost effective solution for a wood chip and pellet fueled installation. Biomass boiler containers can be constructed from either new, used or refurbished shipping containers.  Extras, such as additional personnel doors, cargo doors, weatherproof vents and security shutter windows, [...]

Shipping Containers for Plantlife Medway

Plantlife & Medway Council's site Ranscome Farm Reserve is looking very 'green' indeed after a pair of refurbished 20ft Shipping Containers were delivered last month. When maximum space was needed, and a fresh look to match, our refurbished shipping container range stood head and shoulders above the rest. With Plantlife's 'go green or go home' attitude we had to offer them our smartest available recycled shipping containers that have seen 10-15 years of active shipping service before being [...]

Shipping Container for BaseFit Shoreditch

London's newest and funkiest way to exercise has arrived in Shoreditch! BaseFit is the gateway to an active lifestyle designed to build your Base fitness, giving you a platform to enjoy a fit and healthy life. Our customised high spec new build shipping container provides the ideal place to securely store all their exercise kit. Its easy as pie to get things set up on site for each of their 30+ weekly outdoor exercise sessions. The additional ventilation in [...]

Shipping containers for storage of Gliding equipment

After Shennington Gliding Club's recent kind words posted on our Facebook page we couldn't let their experience pass without a little thank you. Needing some secure storage for their aircraft, but also needing to have a container that wasn't garish and would blend in with the surrounding area, they opted for one of our 40ft refurbished shipping containers which came repainted in their choice of colour and included a high security lock box (padlock cover). They [...]

Shipping Containers for Paintball Fields

When Top Dog Paintball approached us asking for help with a replacement canteen and kit issue area, we were more than happy to suggest this bespoke conversion of a used 40ft shipping container. Using shipping containers for Paintball facilities offers great value for money, excellent custom paint options and at over 90% recycled this really is the Top Dog of paintball support facilities. Custom cut down to 32ft in length, with 2 separate serving hatches [...]

Shipping Container Boiler Houses

Budget Shipping Containers can offer containers to the biomass industry for a variety of applications (portable fuel store or for conversion into a complete, self-contained installation.) We have recently been converting containers out of Leeds depot to make shipping container boiler houses and boiler rooms. It may not sound as exciting as a shipping container coffee shop or a ‘grand designs’ style container house, but we are extremely proud of these builds. Using new one-trip shipping [...]

Helping the Tate Modern with shipping containers

Whilst shipping containers can be great for the storage of fine art and other high value items, we were proud to deliver our very first shipping containers to the Tate modern gallery in central London last Friday Whilst many might be going for the art inside, we took a great deal of satisfaction taking a good look at these 2 beauties sat outside. We would add for anyone thinking to store art and very high value items, we'd recommend [...]

New container ranges in stock for 2015

For 2015 we are proud to announce our biggest ever range of new and used shipping containers. Joining the fleets this year we are offering new side opening ranges as well as adding hazardous chemical stores. 20ft High cube side opening shipping containers 9ft 6 high 20ft shipping containers with full opening side access. Fantastic for quick and easy secure pallet storage, and extra high allowing many customers to stack pallets inside. (please click the [...]