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Shipping Container Ticket Office

A couple of years ago the Warehouse Project superclub in Manchester contacted us as they were in need of a ticket office for their night club at Victoria warehouse, Manchester. They wanted a number of service windows to be cut out, making access points for party goers to collect tickets for the event. They wanted a "rustic and industrial" look for the shipping container ticket office to fit in with the aesthetics and feel of the old [...]

Shipping Containers for Allotments

Llandaff North Allotments in Cardiff are now the proud owners of a one trip 20ft shipping container! With 20ft shipping containers coming in a lot cheaper and stronger than similarly sized sheds, these make excellent storage units for allotments where there are concerns over vandalism or theft of tools and machinery. Going for a new (one trip) shipping container for their allotment was the right decision because they wanted a professional looking container as well [...]

February Shipping Container Offers!

We have secured a number of low price and high quality stock across the UK! Please see below some of the fantastic deals we currently have available! 20ft Used Hanjin 2010 Build in Birmingham! We have just purchased some fantastic ex Hanjin line 20ft shipping containers direct from port. Due to Hanjin going bust in late 2016 there has been some high quality / young containers feeding back into the used container market. Some of the ex Hanjin [...]

Ex Hanjin Line Shipping Containers for Sale in London

On the 31st August 2016, Hanjin line, the worlds 7th largest shipping line filed for Bankruptcy protection, leaving an estimated $14bn of cargo stranded in 400,000 Shipping containers around the world in ports, depots and on Hanjin's 97 Container ships. This is the largest shipping industry collapse in modern times and has sent shock waves throughout the industry, but for the savvy storage container buyer this represents a great opportunity to source some excellent quality [...]

1001 Uses for a #ShippingContainer #154: A Great Wall!

Yes, you read that right! A video from TechInsider showcased an ingenious method to install a barrier over a significance distance in a minimal amount of time. The truck pulls a standard shipping container along a set route whilst constantly letting out an 'accordion' effect barrier our of the back. Perhaps this is one for President Donald Trump? Here’s a rough breakdown on our idea to save the U.S Economy a minimum of 11 Billion [...]

TGI Fridays Shipping Container

It's not just Budget Shipping Containers customers that have enjoyed mouth watering deals this year! We have also had a taste of mouth watering all american food after supplying and delivering a brand new 20ft shipping container to TGI Fridays. Being used simply as a little extra storage space this 20ft one trip shipping container looks very smart indeed at their Cheshire Oaks site. The TGI Fridays chain is now pretty much a household name. Opening in 1965 New [...]

Secure Bike Storage in a Bespoke Shipping Container

It has been just over a year since Budget Shipping Containers provided a custom made 27ft refurbished shipping container for Unique, a part of the Limited Edition Cycling Club and, because the custom length build jobs just keep coming, thought it was only fair to give them a little thank you shout out! Founded in October 2010, Limited Edition Cycling is a cycling club in the Greenwich and Bexley area with a mission to encourage cycling in all [...]

Sports Club Storage

July 2016 - Langton Green Community Sports Association in Kent have just taken delivery of three customised one trip shipping containers to go in with their brand new £5m sports pavilion. Spots club storage is always a tricky one when a local area may have a good number of different sports teams, all with their own equipment, requirements and timings. Fortunately shipping containers make excellent, versatile and secure units for sport club storage of all [...]

Wagamama Shipping Container

Budget Shipping Containers have been experiencing the colours and aromas of Japanese cuisine this month after supplying and delivering a refurbished 10ft shipping container to popular restaurant chain Wagamama. Being used simply as a little extra storage space this 10ft shipping container may be around the back of the building but has provided them with some much needed space inside! The Wagamama Japanese restaurant chain became popular for using fresh ingredients, cooked fresh, served fresh and [...]

Shipping Container for Battle Archery

Budget Shipping Containers have recently supplied and delivered a refurbished 20ft shipping container, with extra doors and windows, to Battle Archery Ltd in Bristol. With the intention of being used as an office, supply/equipment store and, knowing Britain's weather, an emergency rain shelter! This green 20ft shipping container looks brilliant on site and in action! Battle Archery is a new and exciting sport, which is tactical and extremely fun for all. Its a cross between Archery [...]