Company News

Helping the Tate Modern with shipping containers

Whilst shipping containers can be great for the storage of fine art and other high value items, we were proud to deliver our very first shipping containers to the Tate modern gallery in central London last Friday Whilst many might be going for the art inside, we took a great deal of satisfaction taking a good look at these 2 beauties sat outside. We would add for anyone thinking to store art and very high value items, we'd recommend [...]

New container ranges in stock for 2015

For 2015 we are proud to announce our biggest ever range of new and used shipping containers. Joining the fleets this year we are offering new side opening ranges as well as adding hazardous chemical stores. 20ft High cube side opening shipping containers 9ft 6 high 20ft shipping containers with full opening side access. Fantastic for quick and easy secure pallet storage, and extra high allowing many customers to stack pallets inside. (please click the [...]

Welcome to our new website

It may look the same but we have been busy adding some seriously improved usability over the Christmas period. In our new sales area you can now easily browse and filter for all types and sizes of shipping container making it easier than ever to get a clear idea of the ranges and options available. With filter options for price, size, condition and location it’s never been easier to see what options are available in [...]