Selling Shipping Containers

Here at Budget, we not only sell shipping containers – we also buy back units that are no longer required.

Selling your old shipping container to us is easy, you simply send in your request to sell and some pictures of the inside and outside of the shipping container.

Please note, we only buy-back standard shipping containers. We do not buy chiller units, aluminum containers or office containers that aren’t made from standard shipping containers. Of course, if you are in any doubt, send us a few snaps and we will be able to tell you very quickly if we can make you an offer for it, or not.

You don’t have to have bought the container from us, we will buy back shipping containers if they were purchased from another source too.

Selling your shipping container

We hope the process of selling your shipping container is simple and straightforward and it can all be done online through our website.

You tell us the number of  shipping containers you wish to sell, their sizes, the postcode where they are located and finally, send us pictures of the units inside and out and give us a brief description of their condition. We’ll then evaluate the units and make an offer to buy.

We are realistic, we understand it may not always be possible to get us pictures of every side, and we appreciate you aren’t a professional container engineer, but we do expect you to give us a reasonable summary of its condition. Is it dry inside or does it leak? Roughly how long have you had it? And are the doors and door seals in good condition? Are the sort of condition issues we want to hear about as well as anything obvious that may be an issue with the container condition.

When selling your containers, we take on the responsibility of collecting your containers, and the cost of doing so. On top of this cost, we also cover depot fees, inspection fees and the cost of any repairs.

What type of containers do we buy?

We buy units of any length, from 8ft to 45ft and all sizes in between. The units could have been used for storage or shipping or they might have been modified with things such as internal lining and/or electrics.

We do not buy end of life containers i.e units that are well beyond economical repair. You may find a scrap metal merchant who will offer you money for the unit.

Do you only buy-back larger quantities of containers?

We are happy to buy back single units or multiples of units. Where multiple units are for sale, these may include units of varying lengths. So, if you tell us what you’ve got in your unwanted inventory, we can make you a fair and competitive offer.

What do you need to collect the shipping containers?

We ask your to empty the units, remove any debris from the sides, roof and ends of the container and confirmation from you that our vehicle can gain easy access to the site. We will not collect containers that are located on soft-ground, grass etc. unless our vehicle can remain on hard-standing ground at all times.

Any internal fittings such as lighting or shelving can be removed, or you can leave them in place.  Please let us know what you plan to do with these when sending photos in. Generally speaking, you are unlikely see any significant additional value when leaving these fittings in place.

Any exterior fittings such as lights etc. must be removed prior to collection as these could prove to be dangerous – i.e they could fall off when the vehicle is on a public road.

We also ask you to confirm there are no overhead obstructions at the collection site such as branches, power lines, BT cables etc. Most haulage companies won’t work within 15m of power lines so please check this out and advise. If you foresee any other potential difficulties in collecting the container (eg getting our truck into a tight site, accessing a narrow country lane or similar) then please let us know. The more information we have beforehand, the better!

We will agree a date for collection and could pick up anytime, daytime (Monday – Friday).

What’s the process of selling shipping containers?

If you’re VAT registered, we ask you to send us a VAT invoice for the agreed amount. If you’re not VAT registered but you bought the container from us, we can offer credit and refund some of the VAT from your original purchase too.

Once we have agreed the price we will offer you a pickup date, our hauler will collect at any time during the day on this date so we do need clear site access throughout the day, or we need good advice early on of what we need to work around with collections.

How do I get paid?

As standard, we will collect the containers, run them into one of our depots where they will be inspected and then make payment to you the Friday following the day of collection. Whilst we may have seen pictures of the containers prior to sale, we cannot evaluate the quality of the underside of the container. If you’re concerned about this, please add to your invoice or email to us stating’ ownership of the container remains with (name) until receipt of full payment’.

Selling your shipping containers

Simply follow the link below and provide us with the information required. Once the form has been submitted we will automatically email a response out to you.  You can reply to this email with pictures of your container. Please note there is a 20 meg limit on incoming emails. If your pictures are very large file sizes you are welcome to send them via multiple emails.

Sell my container

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