Shipping Container Cribs To Inspire Your Own Design Project

If you follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you will know that we love sharing the various shipping container homes that we come across online.  Shipping container cribs are a growing trend as home designers search for more sustainable and cost-effective building materials, and we never fail to be impressed at how our favourite steel boxes can be transformed into incredible homes.

Whether you are researching for your own home design project, or if you are merely a lover of grand designs we are sure you will appreciate these impressive shipping container cribs from around the world.

Starburst House, Joshua Tree, California

Designs for this yet-to-be-built home in the California desert went viral when they were unveiled in 2017. Created by London-based designers Whitaker Studio, the 200 square metre property consists of several shipping containers which are strategically placed in a star formation to perfectly capture views of the surrounding landscape.  With three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and garage this shipping container home is listed for sale at a cool $3.5 million US dollars which includes the plans, construction, and delivery of the residence.  That seems a small price to pay for a truly unique home that comes with its own piece of land in a stunning National Park?!

Video courtesy of Whitaker Studio.

Asian-Inspired Container Home, Vancouver

With a Japanese garden, a tearoom/meditation room, and a Koi carp pond, this container home on the border of Washington and Oregon states in the USA is a peaceful sanctuary, surrounded by eastern influences.  The four-bedroomed home is built from 11 different-coloured shipping containers – some have been left unaltered while others have been cleverly fused together to create a series of bright, and colourful living spaces which blend together perfectly!

The house began life as a simple drawing by the owner, who works in the import and export industry. The story goes that he told his friends that he wanted to build a container home, and whilst they laughed at his pipe-dream, he went away and created it using that original drawing!  It is now up for sale for $2 million, and deservedly attracting a lot of admirers.

Video courtesy of The News Tribune (You Tube)

Grand Designs Container Home, Londonderry

Back in 2014, Irish architect Patrick Bradley created one of Grand Design’s most budget-friendly homes on his family’s farmland using four shipping containers sourced from a shipping yard in Bangor.

The ambitious project culminated in a two-storey home with the containers arranged in a unique perpendicular layout, with the upper level appearing to float out over the landscape – creating some incredible views from both inside and out.  Using used shipping containers provided a more cost-effective and environmentally sound material to more traditional and widely used concrete.  The whole project cost just £130,000 to construct and has since won several prestigious architectural design awards. Every time the episode is repeated, we still see a spike in calls and visits to our website!

Floating Container Home, NYC

Images courtesy of

We stumbled across this incredible container home recently and had to add it to our list!  This floating container crib is in Queens, New York. It is constructed from two reclaimed shipping containers and is designed to rise and fall with the changing sea levels as the planet faces extreme weather challenges that are related to climate change.

The main hub of the two-storey home was created using two 40ft shipping containers which were cut in half and stacked on top of each other. Two sections were then welded together on top of a steel barge which is now docked in a marina.  The project took two years to complete and the couple who designed and built it now enjoy living in their ‘floating’ home which as well as being sympathetic to the environment, also pays homage to the origins of the containers it was created from as it looks uncannily like a smaller scale container ship!

Images courtesy of 

These four shipping container homes are at the more adventurous end of the scale but they show that there are so many options when building a property from repurposed containers.  If you are in search of more inspiration for your own shipping container crib you can find some helpful articles in our guides section including: Could I live in a Shipping Container? offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale with a nationwide network of storage and conversion yards and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

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