Shipping Container DJ Booth

Shipping Container converted into a DJ Stand

In the summer of 2019 and we were asked to modify a used 20ft shipping container into a DJ stand. This isn’t the first time we’ve been asked to do this, having previously supplied a shipping container for use as a storage container during winter and as a DJ stand during the summer for the Farr Festival in Hertfordshire.

This latest project was for the world cup cricket and involved us producing a DJ container, 2 information point containers and 2 storage containers that were all painted the same colour externally and on those that were customer facing, the inside was painted the same colour as the outside.

The DJ container featured 2 apertures, a personnel door and internal electrics. Once this container was completed, it went on to a specialist A/V provider who installed all the DJ equipment and then all the units went to the branding company who branded the containers.

The information point containers had counters constructed and installed along with electrics and one of the storage containers was fitted with electrics as this was being used as a cold store for drinks.

All units were fitted with top rails to allow flags and bunting to be fitted when on-site.

The bar unit was a unit that already existed and was re-purposed for use at this event. We simply took the unit, re-sprayed the exterior, the inside of the side opening doors and the bar front. We also undertook repairs on the unit.

All the containers produced for the world cup cricket event move from location to location around the country.

Modifying an old 20ft shipping container into a DJ booth

There are plenty of ways to go about modifying or up-cycling an old 20ft shipping container into a DJ stand, and a lot of how this will look when finished will be down to the customers wishes and budget.

For this project, the customer wanted to be able to stack this DJ container on top of another 20ft container they already had for their installation. The customer wanted 2 apertures in each of the long side of the DJ container fitted with roller shutters and a premium repaint, which you can see being finished below. The brief also included a requirement for 2x galvanised roller shutters which were setup with a manual rather than electrically operated shutters. They chose to work with a used container because they wanted the ‘used’ look.

This design allowed the DJ to face out from either side of the shipping container to ‘rouse the crowd’ at either side as required. And for access, a secure personnel door was installed in one end of the container. The galvanized roller shutters and the secure personnel door allowed the units to be locked up and closed overnight to keep all the installed A/V equipment secure and safe from the elements.

Other options for shipping container DJ Stands

Whilst this DJ stand for the world cup cricket fanzone was made from a used 20ft shipping container, for customers who want a smarter neater finish we can do similar modifications with our one trip (new) container range as well. We certainly feel in this setting that the used finish still works very well and it means that this structure is by weight, made from circa 95% recycled materials.

New containers will offer a virtually dink and dent free finish, the structure is some 15-years younger – so you can expect a significantly longer serviceable lifespan if left outside. For storage containers we suggest you can expect a much stronger resale value, but lets face it the market for used 20ft containerised DJ stands is not a well established one and a resale price will depend a lot more on what your customer is prepared to pay.

We have also offered DJ stand conversions with our basic serving hatch modification. In this option there is a single hatch cut into the side of a 20ft container that typically measures 8ft in width and about 3ft 6” in height with the ‘hatch’ being supported by gas struts.

10ft storage kiosks

Another part of this world cup cricket Fan Zone project was to provide colour matching 10ft storage kiosks. We provided two of these 10ft storage kiosks. One container kiosk was used for straight storage of equipment being used during the daytime at the fanzone event, and the other shipping container was used to store drinks for the bar that sat beneath the DJ container. This container had a drinks chiller installed. Both storage kiosks had scaffolding bars welded to the top so that flags and bunting could be attached.

20ft information point kiosks

The 20ft containers formed an integral part of the touring Fan Zone and were both used as information point kiosks. The containers had a front area that was partitioned off to form the information point desk. This area was painted the same colour as the exterior of the container. In the internal partition, there was a door through which staff could go and retrieve additional literature to hand-out to the public. Both areas had lighting installed.

Photos of the DJ container in Nottingham are copyright West Bridgford Wire and used under the ‘fair use’ policy. Other images are taken in our yard once these containers were returned to our depot at the end of the project.

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