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Shipping Containers for the Crane Hire Industry

The majority of crane hire companies that we’ve worked with have used shipping containers for storing spare parts for their cranes. However, one company, Baldwins Crane Hire Limited, has used our shipping containers and one of our canopies to create a covered work shop in their depot under which they undertake maintenance on their crane hire fleet. This new workshop was created at a faction of the cost of having a building constructed that would be large enough to hold the cranes as they are worked on.

Containers and canopies make ideal workshops for crane and general vehicle maintenance. They are quick and easy to install and being a temporary structure, they shouldn’t require planning permission. Although, we always suggest you check this with your local planning office prior to ordering.

To create a covered workshop using shipping containers you need a minimum of 2 x 20ft shipping containers and 1 canopy. The canopy is mounted on the shipping containers to create the covered space. This structure must always be built on a flat, level surface.

Here are some of the UK based crane hire companies we have worked for in the past:

Our 20ft and 40ft long canopies come in a range of widths from 6m to 20m, enabling crane hire companies and plant and machinery hire companies to create a vast amount of covered space in a few days. If you need a longer space, canopies can be made to be as long as any row of shipping containers you can have supporting it – so they can effectively be any multiple of 20 feet long.  This behemoth of a canopy is a staggering 20m wide and at its highest point reaches about 8m above the ground.

Shipping Container Canopies can be supplied with closed end wall panels, partial end walls or ‘D’ panels that enclose the gap between the roof of the container and the top of the canopy.

If you needed more clearance beneath the canopies, you simply double stack your containers. or you can use high cube (9ft 6 high) shipping containers instead of standard height 8ft 6 high units.

As well as crane hire companies using a combination of shipping containers and canopies to create workshop spaces, Eurotunnel in Folkestone have also used this same concept to create workshops and covered storage areas for their plant and equipment. The containers that were being used as workshops were converted in our depot and fitted out with electrics so the instant they were delivered to site, they could be connected up to the local supply.

We have in the past also helped provide converted shipping containers for the canopy supports to allow for office or secure tool storage spaces.

Using shipping containers and canopies, you can get a dry space under which you can work on all manner of plant and equipment, buses, trucks etc. If needed we can double check the available width at a fixed height. For example for Baldwins crane hire they wanted to double check their bigger cranes would fit inside this structure before ordering. They kindly provided a plan showing us the width at the highest point and we had this double checked (and confirmed as a snug but workable fit) well in advance for them.

If you need a shipping container for storage of your crane equipment, or if you interested in one of our canopies for use as a workshop or similar, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your requirements in more detail. You are also welcome to browse our online ranges of shipping containers for sale.

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