What to Expect from a Used Shipping Container (YouTube Video)

Are you a bit stuck on knowing what condition container you’re after?

Whether it’s storage or shipping, we have you covered!

In this video on our YouTube channel, we explain the basics of what to expect from a used 20ft shipping container – this will be practically the same for all sizes of used shipping containers.

The first thing to know when buying a shipping container from us is – all of our used containers are checked over in our UK depots and are checked to wind and watertight standard before leaving our depot and are guaranteed for 12-months. So, if your shipping container was to spring a natural leak or any other defect in its first 12-months, we would get someone out to you free of charge to repair it.

You are more than likely to get dinks and dents on a used container as they are typically 10-15 years old. However, they are just as secure as our newer containers. Our used containers are great for a range of storage, conversions, and export use.

These containers all come with small vents, with bug mesh on to prevent insects from getting in. These vents are not great at providing a good amount of airflow and if you need this, we would recommend asking us to fit some additional louvre vents into the shipping container for you.

When you move round to the front of the container, you will see the four vertical metal locking rods. These hold our doors in place and keep the container safe & secure whilst it is in transit.

You will nearly always get the original owner’s markings on all logos. You have your container number on the right-hand door and your ISO code as well as some basic information about your container:

  • The cubic capacity
  • The tare weight (weight when it is empty)
  • The maximum cargo weight
  • The maximum gross weight of your container plus any payload that you’re putting inside

On this particular container, on the left-hand door you’ll see there is a metal CSC data plate – but this can be anywhere on the container doors. This has a lot of the technical information on. If you’re going to export your container, you would also receive the CSC certificate for it from us.

Moving on to the inside of the container, the first thing you’ll notice is the internal floor line – it is 4-5 inches higher than the external floor line. So if you’re going to store heavy machinery etc. you may like to consider a ramp. The floor is circa 28 mm thick marine treated plywood throughout the base of your container. You will also see there are cargo lashing rings going down the top rails, bottom rails, and at the far end of the container on the front corner post.

The colours and logos will always vary between used containers – you can’t pick a particular type. We can however always provide you with example photos.

In short, our used shipping containers will come with some wear evident both inside and out. They are repaired to a good standard before sale so you are assured of a good quality, solid shipping container, capable of offering many years of secure storage use with minimal maintenance – but they are sold ‘cosmetics not guaranteed’ because there will be some dents, some surface rust and scuffs, wear and tear internally. It’s also very likely that there have been repairs undertaken to the shipping container during its lifetime.

If you are using the used container for storage use, we can fit a lockbox (padlock cover) for an additional £50.00 + VAT. We also have the option of an insurance-rated Squire padlock at £50.00 + VAT each. Having a lockbox and a padlock gives you the reassurance that your container will be extra secure.

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