Consultancy Services

With a wide ranging experience base across the container supply, transport and shipping industry, budgetshippingcontainers can help you with more than just buying or selling shipping containers. As well as free help and advice when related to our own sales (how to set up a self storage operation for example) we can also offer consultancy services across a wide range or sectors. Put simply; if you need to move something difficult (whether big, heavy, toxic, flammable, radioactive or just plain odd), and if you measure your goods in tonnes as opposed to Kg’s then we can help. We have expert knowledge of all aspects of the shipping container industry that can be transferred to specific projects. Our expertise include (but not limited to):

  • Container loading operations
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    Container lifting, handling and loading machinery, methods and practices.

  • Container transport, loading and deep sea shipping
  • Haulage management operations
  • Limitations and practicalities for specialist, over heavy or out of gauge (oversized) loads.
  • Nationwide loading, warehousing & distribution networks
  • Road, rail & sea freight transport infrastructure
  • Export operation planning, integration & management
  • European pallet freight
  • International container shipping

And some of the projects way this knowledge can be put into action:

  • Setting up and developing a new import or export operation
  • Project logistics planning and management – building a stadium, hosting a music festival, moving a factory to the Far East. All areas we have worked on
  • Evaluating your operation and extracting better value/service balance from a current import or export operation – considering the whole operation
  • Running, maintaining and improving a transport operation
  • Using trailer and fleet management technologies to help optimise an existing multi-vehicle operation

And here’s our promise to you: If you move a lot of freight and either want to change something or assess its potential for improvement, try us out. The initial consultancy is always free, we only charge for solutions.

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