Where can I buy Paint for Shipping Containers?

In the UK, we have 5 and 20 litre tubs of genuine shipping container paint for sale. This hard wearing and high grade paint is some of the most durable available due to the environments they need to work in. Can be applied in temps from 5 degrees to 50 degrees celsius, we can provide…

Are Shipping Containers Airtight?

All standard shipping containers come with small circa 1 inch square vents on the top rails. This doesn't allow for significant air flow but it does mean they are not airtight You may also find on a used shipping container that the doors seals may not be in perfect condition, and also minor damage or…

Can your delivery trucks sit in the road whilst delivering

The delivery process can take anywhere 5-25 minutes when unobstructed and if the site is prepared and ready for us (longer if tricky) Our hauliers will only be happy to block the road to do a delivery if you are able to manage and / or divert any traffic whilst we undertake any lifts. In…

Can you deliver under power lines?

Our hauliers will not be happy lifting off anywhere near active power lines (typically within 5 metres, but this is up the the drivers discretion), however with care taken and a good set of details about the job in hand we can often come up with workable solutions., this might involve using our container skates…

Can you deliver a container inside a warehouse or building?

Whilst our vehicles can physically lift off inside another building, we commonly need a very high clearance. Our sidelifter trucks will need a minimum 5 metre clearance to delivery our hiab trucks will commonly need more - circa 8 metre clearance (exact clearance will vary depending on the truck, the exact type and spec of…

What is an OOG Shipping Container?

OOG is an acronym for 'Out of Gague' - a terminology used to describe a cargo what won't fit within the ISO dimensions of a shipping container, or cargo that extends beyond these dimensions. Any load that extends beyond the standard dimensions for the type of container carrying it will be classed as 'Out of…Read more  →What is an OOG Shipping Container?

What is the lifespan of a Shipping Container?

Whilst everything we sell comes with our 12 month wind and watertight guarantee, we suggest that you should expect: Circa 10 years plus of good use from a used shipping container (with minimal to no maintenance) Around twice the lifespan from a one trip (new) shipping container. This is possible due partly to the way…

How deep is a shipping container floor

The floor depths on a shipping container (the difference in height between the internal floor line and the bottom of the shipping container externally) can officially change a little between 2 different shipping containers. The reason for this - the eternal measurements on a container are tightly controlled by ISO regulations, but the internal dims are…Read more  →How deep is a shipping container floor

What Health and Safety information is available when planning a delivery?

If you require any health and safety information for your delivery please flag with us any specific requirements in advance. Typically our hauliers will have a good standard (generic) Risk and method statement. This will be suitable for a good number of our customers / all but the very specialised jobs. Please bear in mind…

How much will the delivery cost?

The delivery prices will vary depending on your location, (miles from our nearest depot with the right stocks for you) how flexible you can be in receiving the delivery, whether we need to provide a crane on our truck for lift off (or not) and weather there are any specific delivery issues that might require…Read more  →How much will the delivery cost?

Do you accept credit cards?

*Update* As of July 2019 we no longer accept card payments Yes we accept all major Credit and Debit cards but not American Express. We treat all customers as 'non consumer entities' unless you specifically request a consumer price (which will involve a re-quote) As such as standard there is a 2.75% credit card surcharge,…

What is the floor made from?

All standard shipping containers come with a circa 1-inch thick marine treated plywood floor Underneath this there is a waterproof coating, often a bitumen based coating and some very heavy duty cross-members, which take the cargo weight whilst the container is being lifted. This covers all standard types of shipping containers including side opening containers,…Read more  →What is the floor made from?

Can you deliver onto grass?

Our delivery trucks can often weight circa 20-tonnes without a container on their backs, drivers will be understandably nervous if there is any risk to getting their truck stuck. As we work with a range of smaller local hauliers a lot of these delivery companies will have slightly different approaches to each other. In any…Read more  →Can you deliver onto grass?

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