Can shipping containers be hermetically sealed?

Hermetically sealed shipping containers are often requested, but for most customers (most budgets) it is not possible to provide a hermetically sealed shipping container

Firstly all shipping containers will have a small number of cargo vents to allow for air flow as the container moved from warm to cooler climates, and to let the containers breathe as the air inside containers expands and contracts with these temperature changes.

However even if we weld these up it is near impossible for us to guarantee a truly airtight seal on the rest of the shipping container. the door seals on standard shipping containers are not hermetic seals, and it woudl be very hard to guarantee a small air gap anywhere else on a shipping container especially if its used.

Refrigerated shipping containers may offer the best chance of a true airtight seal, these units come with a thicker metal floor, no vents and a thicker door with better seals. Whilst we will say don’t’ stay inside with the door closed as you will likely suffocate, we are unlikely able to offer a cast iron guarantee of a perfect hermetic seal on the shipping container doors.

We are aware that customers projects and requirements are often unique so if you have a specific project or ‘challenge’ at hand why not contact us as a brief chat about your ideas can often help us make suggestions and recommendations.

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