Can you deliver a container inside a warehouse or building?

Whilst our vehicles can physically lift off inside another building, we commonly need a very high clearance.

Our sidelifter trucks will need a minimum 5 metre clearance to delivery

our hiab trucks will commonly need more – circa 8 metre clearance (exact clearance will vary depending on the truck, the exact type and spec of the crane and the job at hand)

However for warehouses and similar operations we can also offer a skating service. This will cost extra but our hauliers can come equipped with special equipment to help them skate the shipping container over any smooth surface into position. Ideal for warehouses, exhibition halls and similar.

In very basic terms these are like a big set of roller skates for a shipping container, and these can allow us to deliver into a range of tight spaces.

If you need us to deliver into a building, we will ask for details of the access, the floor surface (including the ground conditions just outside your building) and the internal clearance if we might look to lift inside your building.  Photos are also extremely helpful for us in understanding the specific delivery you need done.

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