Can your delivery trucks sit in the road whilst delivering

The delivery process can take anywhere 5-25 minutes when unobstructed and if the site is prepared and ready for us (longer if tricky)

Our hauliers will only be happy to block the road to do a delivery if you are able to manage and / or divert any traffic whilst we undertake any lifts.

In these cases the drivers discretion will come into play. if its a very quiet side road the driver may be happy to try a job that he may refuse on a busy main road.

The haulers are not allowed to break any laws of the road, so if this is next to a curb with parking restrictions, the driver may refuse, or may continue only on the proviso that any parking tickets issued whilst they deliver your container are paid for by the customer.

If the emergency services come and tell us to move mid -lift we will pack up, move the driver and likely charge a cancellation charge for a failed delivery or additional  time if we go over an hour total time spent on site / delivering your shipping container. (assuming that we are unable to get back to complete delivery)

In essence it is up to you (our customer) to provide suitable space and access for us to get this delivered. In any case you can significantly minimise any risks of problems by being very open with us from the start as to what needs doing to get our container into position.

As always, if you are in any doubt please speak to the team at the end. We are here to help!

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