How deep is a shipping container floor

The floor depths on a shipping container (the difference in height between the internal floor line and the bottom of the shipping container externally) can officially change a little between 2 different shipping containers. The reason for this – the eternal measurements on a container are tightly controlled by ISO regulations, but the internal dims are not restricted by international standards.

Standard 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high cube dry containers will all have a circa 6 inch (15cm) deep floor and although slight variations will be experienced – these will typically be minimal as large volume shippers expect to fit the same amount of their cargo into any shipping container of that size and type.

Open top containers, open sided containers and any container that might need extra rigidity in the floor as it might not have strength available in another panel will typically have thicker floors, circa 8-9 inches (20-23cm)

Flat rack and platforms which might also be rated well over 30 tonnes may have anything up to a 18-20 inch floor depth, (circa 50cm), as the entire strength of the container is supported by the floor

If you need to know the depths of a container floor that you are buying from us, let us know and we can send someone into the yard to physically measure and check your container for before delivery.


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