How far can the crane on your truck reach

Unfortunately that one is not straightforward to answer and we recommend getting in touch to discuss this if you have any concerns whatsoever

Each truck we use is purpose built for the haulier that operates it, so each truck can have different size cranes on it and the bigger cranes will reach further.

If you need us to lift over any obstructions we do please ask that you flag this with us in advance, so that we can ensure a suitable truck gets put onto your job. We would ask you to flag in advance if you can foresee any complication with the delivery and more often than not this will help your delivery run smoothly.

However with notice, the vast majorly of our trucks can:

  • Lift an empty off at 90 degrees to the truck, or perform an ‘L-shaped’ lift, as long as the nearest side of the container is very near to the truck.
  • We can lift an empty container over most standard 6-8ft fences, as long as our truck can get right up parallel to / right alongside the hedge or fence and as long as the container is going more or less directly the other side of the fence.

If planning such a lift we do please ask that you still flag this with us in advance. We typically cannot (without special arrangements for delivery and likely a re-quote)

  • Lift over houses or other buildings
  • Lift over trees
  • Lift over power lines or telegraph wires

Also please be advised if lifting a loaded shipping container with any significant weight inside we will use very different equipment. If you’re planning to lift and / or move a loaded shipping container please do not use the information in this FAQ

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