How secure is a shipping container?

When fitted with a lock box (padlock cover) and a heavy duty padlock, in our experience to break into your container you will either need to be an expert lock pick (a good quality padlock will be very hard for even a professional to pick) or you will need some form of heavy cutting equipment to physically cut through the sides or roof of the container, or to cut the lock and padlock cover off (both are a similar amount of effort)

Doing any of these with the correct hand tools would likely take hours, and from the would-be criminals point of view, there’s little to no guarantee that there’s anything worth nicking inside your container.

Our general advice, a lock box and a good quality padlock will deter your average ‘chancer’ without questions, its just too much effort to break into a container, a reasonable risk of getting caught (as there would likely be a lot of noise involved) and no guarantee of it begin worthwhile. We recommend a lock box in its own right will often deter anyone from taking a look at your container, but if you leave it unlocked – you can expect people will be very interested to see what you have inside!

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