What Health and Safety information is available when planning a delivery?

If you require any health and safety information for your delivery please flag with us any specific requirements in advance.

Typically our hauliers will have a good standard (generic) Risk and method statement. This will be suitable for a good number of our customers / all but the very specialised jobs. Please bear in mind our hauliers are used to working with a large range of blue chip sites. Airports, Power stations, Large construction sites and the like are regular stops for our drivers. These will be made available well in advance and we ask that you request this info and check in well in advance of your delivery to ensure you are happy with this info. If not, we may need to ensure we can get you this well before planning in the delivery.

Site specific risk and method statements are available if required, our hauliers will usually want to send a manager out from the office to undertake this on a dedicated basis. The hauliers will often ask for a separate charge to cover this service, often a similar total price to the delivery charge in itself.

All our drivers will have their driving licences on them if your need proof of the drivers capability.

Truck and Trailer MOT badges as well as the hauliers operators licence will show on the vehicle cab or trailer of the vehicle, the driver will be happy to show you these if you want to check them.

Driver training certificates, chain and weight test certificates for the lifting machinery are sometimes carried by the driver and sometimes only available in advance (depending on the haulier concerned) so if you need any of this please request it in advance.

If our vehicle is made to wait whilst information is checked, this will be fine but this time taken will be included in the free time allowance for your vehicle. If our truck spends much longer than 1-hour on site total you will likely find our hauler will charge an additional £60 + VAT per hour or part thereof. We would often suggest if you can plan in advance, a small 2-5 minute delay whilst you or your sites health and safety responsible person checks info that has been requested in advance, it won’t affect anything. If our truck is held up whilst your request this info and wait for it to come through, the time the vehicle stands will still be chargeable.


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