What is the lifespan of a Shipping Container?

Whilst everything we sell comes with our 12 month wind and watertight guarantee, we suggest that you should expect:

Circa 10 years plus of good use from a used shipping container (with minimal to no maintenance)

Around twice the lifespan from a one trip (new) shipping container.

This is possible due partly to the way a shipping container is built. (Built from COR-TEN A Grade steel which rusts very slowly compared to normal steel) and as our used shipping containers are sourced direct from import use, and are always checked and repaired in our UK depots before resale, you can be assured that the container has been well maintained up until the point of sale.

With any container, the door hinges and seals will wear over time and the biggest factor for the wear will be how often the container is opened and closed. If you are accessing your container frequently, you will find the door seals and hinges / gaskets wear faster. These can be replaced if needed.

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