If you are unsure about what type of shipping container you need, this section will help you get started.

Container Sizes

The most popular standard container sizes are as follows:

The following page gives their exact dimensions:

Container Types

There are also different types of container for more specialised use:

Container Colours

Our containers can be painted in a range of RAL colours. Please see the colour chart below:

Container Condition

All the sizes and types of container come in three different conditions:

Container Conversions

Shipping containers can be converted in a wide variety of ways. The most popular are:

Other conversion options are listed here:

We also sell a popular alternative to traditional shipping containers:

Container Delivery

It may sound obvious but, containers are large and heavy! The following section explains how they can be delivered to you:

Other Information

This website contains a huge amount of information about shipping containers. If you are looking for something specific we recommend useing the Search box at the top of the website. Alternatively, the following sections cover many topics:

If you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you just want to talk to a container expert for a few minutes to discuss your requirements, please feel free to contact us any time during office hours or request a callback.

We also provide the following online quotation forms:

Or if you have a container(s) you want to sell to us:


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