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Alternatives to Side Opening Shipping Containers

20ft and 40ft side opening shipping containers open up along their full length. This makes them the most convenient option for easy-access storage. These are not commonly used for shipping and are produced in much smaller numbers than standard (end-opening) containers. Due to the additional engineering and strength required for the side opening door construction, these tend to be the higher priced option in their size (excluding some very specialised offshore containers), and are very [...]

Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Shipping Container Man Cave Or She Shed

Man Caves” and “She Sheds” have been around for many years. For someone who has the extra space, they can be the perfect getaway right inside the house. A new trend, however, is to create that perfect getaway inside metal shipping containers. There are many reasons that customized shipping containers are becoming more and more popular, but here are a few of the main reasons:   Cost - Customised shipping container sanctuaries can be much cheaper [...]

Can you turn a shipping container into a workshop?

Shipping Containers can be converted to make the perfect workshop.  Workshops need to be secure, sturdy, and robust which makes a steel shipping container an ideal base to build one, without actually having to ‘build’ anything! During the coronavirus outbreak, we have received many enquiries from people who are stuck at home in lockdown needing workshop space.  Businesses and amateur enthusiasts alike are searching for new workshop space and they have identified shipping containers as [...]

Garden Offices for Home Working / Social Distancing

As Britain and the rest of the world start to think about getting back to normal after the Coronavirus lockdown we need to consider what the new ‘normal’ will look like. There is little doubt that there will be some major changes. Air travel may become more expensive and less accessible, retailing looks set to accelerate its march from the high street onto the internet, and businesses with large offices are looking for ways to [...]

Side Opening Containers for Marine Filming Equipment Storage

When Marine Department needed a second side opening storage container they had a particular requirement and came to Budget Shipping Containers for a solution. As the only major container trader commonly offering both left handed and right handed side opening containers we were ideally placed to help. Despite the exact style of container they needed not being available we were able to modify a container to meet this customers needs. Shipping Containers for Specialist Storage [...]

Shipping Containers for Storage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

With the ongoing Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic there has been a massive demand for protective face masks, sterile gloves and other items of personal protective equipment. The NHS is taking delivery of millions of these products on a daily basis, on top of huge demand from private individuals and businesses. These items tend to be lightweight but bulky, and hospitals and other large organisations have needed to find a lot of storage space to maintain their [...]

Emergency Storage for East Surrey Hospital to help fight Coronavirus

Shipping Containers providing secure storage for Redhill hospital As we all know the current Coronavirus pandemic has put huge pressure on health services across the world. In the UK the National Health Service has more than doubled the number of intensive care beds available, partly through the construction of the Nightingale and other temporary hospitals, with the rest being at existing regional hospitals. Every regional hospital has been working hard to increase capacity quickly, doing [...]

Shipping Containers for Social Distancing

As the country starts to consider life following the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses will be looking for ways to safeguard their workforce and customers as things start to return to normal. At the time of writing the timescale and steps towards normality are not clear, and it seems increasingly likely that some form of social distancing will be required for a considerable time, possibly months. Click and Collect Click and Collect allows customers to make [...]

Shipping Containers in Warwickshire

We have supplied shipping containers to businesses in Warwickshire for various projects including storage containers, catering pods, and even a shipping container sound barrier! Our head office is in Wythall, on the outskirts of Birmingham (where we also have a depot) and the fact that Warwickshire lies in the heart of England, with easy access to the rest of the UK makes this a busy area for Budget Shipping Containers.  We can offer a quick [...]

Shipping Container Deliveries for Coronavirus or COVID-19

Budget Shipping Containers has seen an increase in demand for shipping containers that are being utilized for unique uses during the Coronavirus outbreak. At this time we are offering to prioritise deliveries for any essential industries including healthcare. All jobs for essential industries being taken on at present are being prioritised , this does mean any non- essential work may be put back or postponed at short notice to allow for priority works. Some shipping [...]