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Storing Hazardous Chemicals in Shipping Containers

Secure and sturdy chemical storage facilities are required for all sorts of businesses and a converted shipping container, or one of our purpose-built chemical storage containers could be the ideal solution! In this guide, we detail the options available if you are looking to store chemicals at your site. Legal Requirements for Chemical Storage In…Read more  →Storing Hazardous Chemicals in Shipping Containers

Mobile Shipping Container Stairs

Since their launch in 2017 our mobile cargo staircases have become very popular with customers looking to increase storage capacity by stacking containers on top of each other. These staircases are made to order by our team of fabricators. With years of experience in this field we can offer expert advice and work with you…

How to Run a Click & Collect Service from a Shipping Container

Click and Collect services became hugely popular during the Covid19 pandemic. Lockdowns changed the way we shop and socialise, and whilst we hope things will return to 'normal' as restrictions relax - Click and Collect is a service option that is here to stay.  In this article, we look at how businesses can run click…Read more  →How to Run a Click & Collect Service from a Shipping Container

Covid Secure Shipping Container Office Vauxhall

Inside view of covid reception office showing 'in' and 'out' doors.

Converted 20ft Shipping Container for DGP Logistics, Southfleet. In March 2021 we delivered this custom-built Covid secure shipping container office unit made from a 20ft shipping container to a major construction site in Vauxhall London SW8.  Our customer, DGP Logistics in Southfleet requested a Covid secure shipping container office/reception space for their own customer's construction…Read more  →Covid Secure Shipping Container Office Vauxhall

Bespoke Container Stack for Smithfield Casings, Welwyn Garden City

stack of blue shipping containers

In February 2021 we delivered this bespoke container conversion to Smithfield Castings and Sundries Ltd of Welwyn Garden City. In this case study, we talk through the customer's needs and how we helped provide the best and most cost-effective solution for this client. The customer needed some storage for their yard, but with space at…

Shared Shipping Container Storage For Groups and Clubs

If finding cost-effective, secure storage is a challenge for your sports club or business venture, you may like to consider sourcing and sharing a Shipping Container. Shipping Containers provide cost-effective and secure storage that could be shared for groups, clubs, and school venues. How could you use a Shipping Container for shared storage? Shipping Containers…Read more  →Shared Shipping Container Storage For Groups and Clubs

1001 Uses For a Shipping Container #197: A Scary Flight Simulator!

We love finding alternative uses for Shipping Containers, and every time we discover a new and innovative way of using them we feel a sense of satisfaction! This is why we invented our ongoing feature to find 1001 uses for shipping containers - and we are almost at the #200 marker. Our latest discovery is…

A Guide to Secure Storage in Shipping Containers

storage container

Shipping Containers are an ideal solution if you are looking for somewhere secure to store personal belongings or items related to a business.  Furniture, work tools, retail stock, and archives are just a few items that you can store securely inside a Shipping Container (although even when we think we have discovered every possible use…Read more  →A Guide to Secure Storage in Shipping Containers

Alternatives to Side Opening Shipping Containers

20ft and 40ft side opening shipping containers open up along their full length. This makes them the most convenient option for easy-access storage. These are not commonly used for shipping and are produced in much smaller numbers than standard (end-opening) containers. Due to the additional engineering and strength required for the side opening door construction,…Read more  →Alternatives to Side Opening Shipping Containers

Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Shipping Container Man Cave Or She Shed

Man Caves” and “She Sheds” have been around for many years. For someone who has the extra space, they can be the perfect getaway right inside the house. A new trend, however, is to create that perfect getaway inside metal shipping containers. There are many reasons that customized shipping containers are becoming more and more popular,…Read more  →Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Shipping Container Man Cave Or She Shed

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