20ft Refurbished Kiosk Conversion

Kiosk containers can come in all sorts of sizes, with a variety of usages. Ticket stands, Vendors, Food stalls are just a few of the many reasons why people like these conversions.

This 20ft refurbished kiosk container you see in the photos was made to order in our London depot. This container came with the following specifications:

  • Used 20ft Shipping Container
  • Repainted Blue
  • Lockable Hatches on gas struts
  • Personnel Door for easy access opposite the cargo doors.
  • Electrics package which includes Lighting, Double sockets (plus additional sockets), External connection (Commando Plug) and internal RCD with all the trunking, switches etc.
  • Ply Lining and insulation for added condensation control.
  • Lockbox fitted to cargo doors for additional protection.

Our customer required this particular specification so that they can use it for a catering unit in a park. We commonly recommend that a container with a lot of conversion work will look a lot smarter than a converted used shipping container, In this case the customer was happy with the look of a used shipping container and the saving on the project costs that came with it.

Converted Shipping Containers as Kiosk Stands

Converting shipping containers can offer an excellent value kiosk or serving unit. A huge bonus of a shipping container conversion is the amount of customisation that you can make into any of our shipping containers. You can decide where fittings and fixtures will go. An example of this is with our personnel doors. You can  mount the personnel doors anywhere on the container so that the entrance will suit your site, you can choose from our of a standard few sizes, whether you want a standard or high-security, if it is inward and outward opening as well as if it will be left or right hand hinged. Door closers, Vision Panels, Kickboards, and many door options are also available upon request.

Almost every other fitting and fixture can come with a similar degree of customisation. You can choose the size, shape, and location of your serving window, we can repaint the container to a colour of your choice, add vinyl flooring, clad containers, install electrics, etc. (pleas ebeware, bigge hatches need bigger gas struts, and this means hige hatches can get very expensive. we often propose 2 smaller hatches on separate gas struts versus one huge hatch down the side of a shipping container, as its a lot more cost effective)

Ordering a converted container

If you are considering a converted shipping container for a Kiosk, here as some tips below that can help us help you.

  • Call our freephone 0808 1234 215 in the first instance to discuss your ideas with us. We can make broad recommendations on what we think may work for you, as well as talk through some options that may work for your end goal.
  • Consider the delivery site.
    • Any overhead obstructions and/or nearby power cables (within 10m)?
    • Are we having to drive on grass or soft ground?
    • Any low bridges etc. on the way to site ?
  • Think about where you are planning to site the container.
    • Where will the power and water connections come from? (If required)
    • Which way will you want the container to face? Which side will the Cargo Doors face?
    • Create a plan. Consider what will be inside the container when in use and plan the space out carefully to make the best use of space available.
  • High cube or standard. We can covert a standard (8ft 6 high) shipping container for use, we can also convert a high cube container which is 9ft 6 high. As you may guess the high cube version is more expensive, but we do find that the additional headroom is worthwhile for a large proportion of customers who want catering or bar service containers.

Budgetshippingcontainers.co.uk offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale with a nationwide network of storage and conversion yards and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

If you need a shipping container feel free to browse our online range of shipping containers for sale. You can also call us on freephone 0808 1234 215 any time 9am – 5pm weekdays and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can use our online shipping container quote form or request a telephone callback. In both cases we aim to get back to you within 1-2 working hours (may take longer for more detailed quotes).

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