40ft Custom Modified Shipping Container with Sliding Shutters

This 40ft Container with custom sliding shutters has to be one of the rarest containers we’ve had the pleasure of working on. Back in 2021, we bought a used 40ft container with custom sliding doors from a customer which was taken to our depot in Cannock.

Bespoke Modification of Shipping Containers to match the customer requirements

The customer was a clothing company called BS Embroidery Plus in Liskeard, Cornwall who wanted to purchase a container to use for a sister company “Biker Store Apparel”  as a pop-up

Side of a 40ft refurbished container with very custom sliding shuttersmerchandise store for selling biker gear. They popped through an enquiry about having a 40ft container be converted so that it could be used as a pop-up merchandise store selling biker gear.

We very promptly suggested that something off-the-shelf would be considerably more cost-effective rather than turning a normal container into the precise specifications. We told them we’ve had this used 40ft container in stock in Cannock. We suggested that we repaint it the colour they want and tailor it to their needs. as the container already came with sliding side doors, it was a unit that required less work – making it the cheaper option.

The customer wanted to have the container painted a nice bright orange with the sliding doors painted black so that they could add on their business logos in white to match BS Embroidery’s brand. They also requested that we add on some protection against condensation.

The finished Shipping Container Conversion:

The final result the customer was happy to go through with was:

  • RAL2004 Orange
  • Jet Black Shutters
  • Graftotherm Condensation Treatment
  • Turn key locks on all 4 shutters so that we can lock the doors to keep them open
  • Circa 28mm thick marine plywood floor

The video below shows the end result of the container that we would then show to the customer:


The advantage of these is that they would be used on sites where a bi-folding side opening door or conventional up and down rolling shutters are just not suitable. An example is that in the video above, you can see that a bi-folding door would not be able to be opened due to the little room provided at the front.

When the customer finally got these pictures and the video of the container, they responded back to us saying that they didn’t like it… they LOVED it!

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