Bespoke Container Stack for Smithfield Casings, Welwyn Garden City

In February 2021 we delivered this bespoke container conversion to Smithfield Castings and Sundries Ltd of Welwyn Garden City. In this case study, we talk through the customer’s needs and how we helped provide the best and most cost-effective solution for this client.

The customer needed some storage for their yard, but with space at a premium, the customer wanted 2x 13ft storage units on the bottom, and a 16ft storage container for storage of lightweight items stacked on the top, but orientated sideways across the bottom units.

The customer also wanted all of the storage containers repainted, with lock boxes for extra security, and anti-condensation treatment inside to allow for storage of condensation-sensitive goods. They also requested high cube containers to provide additional height in their storage containers.

Stacking a shipping container sideways on top of a bottom row.shipping container stacked sideways

Stacking a shipping container sideways across 2 base containers is not the usual way to stack containers as they are not designed to be stacked in this way. We completed this work by adding some support frames/goalposts inside the base containers, and some underfloor fixings on the top container. This allows the top container to sit flat on the bottom units, and the goalposts ensure there is no risk of the bottom containers being crushed by any weight loaded in the top unit.

This setup was only possible as the customer is storing very lightweight items in the top container, and it would usually not be a practical solution if you needed to store heavy items in the top container.

Keeping costs sensible

For this specific job it worked well to cut up a single used 40ft high cube container into 3 sections. 2 number 13ft sections were cut from the front end (the non-door end of the shipping container) leaving a 16ft long ‘door end cut’. Using a single 40ft container to make all 3 units saved the customer over £1000 versus using separate donor containers.

Working with used containers does mean that there are dinks and dents down the sides, but this also saved the customer over £2000 + VAT compared to working with new quality (one trip) containers. Used containers prove very popular with a wide range of commercial and industrial customers who may be more concerned with functionality and price over cosmetics.

We blanked off the open ends, added our lightweight flat panel doors to the 13ft units, added lockboxes to the doors, and gave the outside a repaint in dark blue marine-grade paint RAL 5013 to give the containers a smarter overall appearance.

We then fitted a roof section of our insulation kit to help prevent any condensation build-up inside these containers.

All 3 containers were delivered by a single large artic truck that lifted them all safely into position.

We’d like to thank John and the team at Smithfield Casings for being a pleasure to work with!

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