Containex Modular Buildings Available Nationwide

Containex Modular BuildingWe are partnered with Containex to offer modular buildings throughout the UK. Containex is the biggest and longest established modular building supplier in Europe. They have been designing and installing modular buildings for a range of clients for over 30 years.

If you are interested in a modular building, we can help make this process easy and simple for you. As your local Containex contact, we can help manage an order from quote through to delivery, installation and beyond.

These buildings offer incredible value in terms of price per sq. ft for buildings and spaces that won’t fit into a single container or cabin. In addition, they offer a high quality construction, meet UK building regulations and are also smart, neat and efficient.

Benefits of a Containex Modular Buildings

Modular buildings have many benefits to them vs traditional commercial buildings.


  • From quote to a brand new building at your site in under 6 months (not including any time taken for planning permissions)
  • Small buildings are installed in days. Big buildings and entire sites can be built from scratch in a few weeks


  • Often unbeatable price per square foot for any medium/large sized structure over a traditional brick & mortar building


  • Containex Modular Buildings offer a high degree of customisation of factory options
  • Suitable for almost any site or commercial use (offices, retail, cafes, meeting rooms, etc)
  • The units are available in almost any size (in 20′ blocks). They can also be built as multi-storey blocks


  • Sell your building back to us
  • Add on additional modules with relative ease as your site grows or changes over time
  • They can also be packed back down and rebuilt in a new location

Colour Options

  • Smaller buildings get a 16x colour pallet to choose from at no extra charge.
  • Bigger structures (16x units or more) can have any colour specified.
  • Optional external facia also available to improve overall cosmetics.

Beyond this, whilst their factory offers a huge range of standard and cost effective internal fittings and fixtures, we also now offer a plus line range. This range has a more modern look and feel for an architecturally more interesting & appealing structure.

So if you are happy working from a range of reasonably standardised fittings and fixtures, these offer excellent quality and value for pretty much any form of commercial use.

Drawbacks of Containex Modular Buildings

Nursery Modular Building outsideDrawbacks are few and far between. However, the main one to mention is that Containex modular buildings are designed and built in 20ft ‘ISO Modules’ most of which will arrive at your site flat packed.

Your building will need to be built from a set number of 20ft modules (all 20ft long x 8ft wide). The 20fts will all fit together side by side. You can’t assume that it is straightforward to angle one of the containers at 90 degrees to make an ‘L-shaped’ structure.

These are also not designed or currently intended for pure residential use. Containex has previously supplied hospital wards, dormitories & shower blocks for military use and similar. However, we don’t currently offer 2-5 bed houses in a traditional format.

Manor Park School

We have been able to supply these modular buildings to a number of customers for a variety of uses. One example is Manor Park School in Dorset.

In the summer of 2023 we supplied the school with a modular classroom and break out space. This unit was built to order it was customised to meet the school’s requirements. In this case, the building was installed on site within 3 days of delivery.

The school wanted an open plan space for flexible use. They planned for the unit to be a breakout space, that could also be used for meetings or a classroom.

The customer chose to have a small kitchenette space for refreshments. They also had two toilets included. Containex can even offer smaller toilets designed for children, which the school chose to include (adult sized toilets are also available and fitted as standard!) This unit also included a small internal room which will be used to house a single bed, should a child need some quiet time.

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