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Custom Length Shipping Containers

Budget Shipping Containers offer a range of custom length shipping containers which are designed to not only offer cost effective secure storage but also look smarter than a typical used container. In this guide we detail the common types of export container that are available for storage use in the UK.

Refurbished custom length shipping containers are made from cutting larger used containers down to size and repainting them. Individual specifications will vary from one depot to another, as will prices. While the width (8ft) and height (8’6” & 9’6”) will remain the same, the length is entirely up to you. Typically, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft are the most cost effective lengths to go for, but all lengths in-between are possible. We have done custom 27ft and 14ft long shipping containers for customers with a specific space to fill. All units come repainted in your choice of basic colour externally and will come with a neutral colour internally. All containers will come checked and repaired, guaranteed structurally sound, wind & water tight and include lock boxes (padlock covers) as standard.

This may sounds like an expensive process – but in many locations we have good economies of scale. Whilst custom length units will still come in at a small premium to standard sizes, in many cases the premium is manageable if you need a specific size of shipping container.

30ft refurbThe flat panel doors are constructed from steel at least as thick as the container sides and given a box section frame for rigidity. They will look smarter than a lot of original container doors and they are much easier to use on a day to day basis. The flat panel doors do not come with a rubber seal unlike the heavy duty doors, however, with a rain guard and covered frame they are still wind and water tight guaranteed.

The paint we use for our shipping containers is marine grade, meaning it is very long lasting and hard wearing. In some cases repainting a shipping container will add years to its lifespan. We offer a good range of colours giving the option to either blend your container into its surroundings or match a company colour scheme.

As these custom length shipping containers are made from second hand containers, the cosmetics of the original containers may vary (prior to them being cut and repainted), so you can expect some dents, creases and repairs to the container chassis, but you are assured of a structurally sound, wind and water tight container with a fresh look – see our guarantee & returns policy.

A big thhawk interiors shipping containerank you to the guys at Hawk Interiors for their kind words and the pictures provided. They had a 30ft refurbished shipping container made from cutting down a used 40ft, fitting flat panel doors and repainting it green RAL6007 to match their farm house. Hawk Interiors are Hertfordshire’s leading kitchen and bathroom specialists, and now their Gaddesden showroom has a extra 30ft of matching storage space. Looking good!

“A custom length shipping container made a lot of sense. It arrived and is the perfect match to the cladding on the showroom – blends in with the farm beautifully!” – Katy Harris, Hawk Interiors. offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale with a nationwide network of storage and conversion yards and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

If you need a shipping container feel free to browse our online range of shipping containers for sale, which also includes our ranges of flat pack sheds, container canopies and more. You can also call us on freephone 0808 1234 215 any time 9am – 7pm weekdays and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can use our online shipping container quote form or request a telephone callback. In both cases we aim to get back to you within 1-2 working hours (may take longer for more detailed quotes).

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