Custom Mobile Access Shipping Container Staircase for Fiber Glass Systems

Fiber Glass Systems approached us for a cargo staircase to access their storage containers. They had had their containers for some time and had been struggling to access the top row.

Container LayoutAt first glance it would look like a job for our standard container cargo stairs, however, the layout of the containers would make it impossible to access a container at one end of the run using these. We can build these staircases either way around (up and LEFT into the container, or up and RIGHT into the container), but either option would leave a container inaccessible at one end of the run or the other.

For accessing containers laid out like this we had previously used a staircase that goes up and STRAIGHT into the container, but there was not the space available to get this into position to access the longer containers at the ends (the staircase is over 5 meters long).

Custom Staircase

The solution was to make a clever adjustment to the staircase design to allow it to be used either way around. The revised design would mean that most of the containers can be accessed as normal (full width access). The containers that would be inaccessible could be accessed by using the stairs the opposite way around. There was a small compromise, in that access to these containers would only be via one door, but with most containers fully accessible then the customer was able to organise their storage so that only smaller items were stored in these containers.

Container doors open onto staircase platform
Container doors open onto staircase platform

Our cargo staircases are designed to allow you to open both cargo doors of a stacked container onto the top platform and access the full opening width. We added fabricated gates to BOTH sides of the platform on this staircase to allow it to be used from either side. The gates can be closed to form full railings whichever way the staircase is being used.

We were very happy to be able to supply the access solution that Fiber Glass Systems needed, at a much lower cost than having two staircases or a gantry system!

Budget Shipping Containers can supply staircases platforms and gantries, either from our standard designs or from a design provided by a customer. All our fabricated products are produced to order, so designs can be amended to suit your requirements, as with this example. offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale with a nationwide network of storage and conversion yards and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

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