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12ft Shipping Containers

Can I buy 12ft shipping containers? 12ft shipping containers are not a standard size, in fact anything smaller than 20ft is no longer used in the shipping industry outside of very specialised applications. However, we often find that customers have a gap of a specific size or an item that requires a 12ft shipping container.…Read more  →12ft Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Haulage Options

When loading a shipping container for export there are a number of different options available. Standard container haulage is the most economical option and is used by the majority of big shippers for loading and sending shipping containers around the world. This guide details the other popular shipping container haulage options Standard haulage This is by far the…Read more  →Shipping Container Haulage Options

Types of shipping container for export use

This guide is an introduction to the different types of shipping container that are available, with the most popular types of shipping container for export use used in the industry as well as the specialised types of shipping container used for moving temperature controlled goods, liquids and more. The most popular types of shipping container…Read more  →Types of shipping container for export use

11ft Shipping Containers

Are 11ft Shipping Containers a thing? 11ft shipping containers are not available as a standard option, but we do have a lot of customers with a very specific gap to fill, or an item of a specific size to store that requires a custom made 11ft shipping container. We have yards across the UK specialising…Read more  →11ft Shipping Containers

Tips for setting up a container self-storage business

Self storage sites are becoming increasingly popular. With less and less storage space available in newly built houses and with many smaller industrial operations and offices needing to squeeze every penny from every square foot, self-storage using shipping containers has become a very attractive option both privately and as a business. Increasingly, individual who trade…Read more  →Tips for setting up a container self-storage business

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