Ply Lined Shipping Containers

Plywood lining and insulation is a very popular modification for shipping containers, especialy as we develop ideas for affordable office space or even living quarters! We can line out any size container to suit your needs and create anything from security offices, ice cream bars or simply condensation free storage!

This is not the most complicated job in the world and some of our for ‘DIY friendly’ clients choose to do this themselves after delivery. However, here at Budget Shipping Containers, we like to offer a ‘one stop shop’ service so should you choose to, we can line and insulate a shipping container in our yard prior to delivery. We have a lot of experience with lined and Insulated shipping containers and if you are not confident in your “DIY” skills we can offer the hassle and worry free option, which is to ply line and insulate a container for you by a team of professionals who undertake this sort of work regularly.

Typically we’ll build a framework of batons inside the container from sections of 2×2 or 2×4 then fix an internal plywood wall to this frame leaving the original shipping container corrugated wall on the outside. The cavity space in the middle is filled with Rockwool, or any other insulation material as specified by you or suggested by our yard. The ply thickness will again vary subject to your requirements and specification but as standard most of our yards nationwide will use between 6mm and 10mm thick ply.

If you’re looking for lined and insulated shipping containers we do suggest yuou give on of our team a call prior to ordering. This ensures we get you exactly what you want. For example, If you know you’re going to be drilling into and hanging shelving off the ply lined interior you may prefer to go for 12mm ply rather than 6mm .

We can also offer a wipe-clean melamine option, this is particularly popular with clients who are looking to set up a pop up cafe or bar!. Another option is Jablite boarding which gives a very professional, scratch resistant and hard wearing finish. Strictly speaking we can buy in any type of boarding or lining you want fitting! so if you know what you want please just ask alternatively contact us for more information or advice.

Similar goes for insulation, we can use Rockwool which provides a perfectly serviceable level of insulation but we can use thicker Rockwool (which may reduce the amount of internal space available by increasing the size of the wall cavity) or we can buy in or use pretty much any form of insulation material to meet your specification.

Commonly our ply lined shipping containers do NOT include ply lining on the inside of the door. As the doors are a lot thicker than the other surfaces heat loss and condensation build up is a much smaller issue. We can of course quote to ply-line the inside of your shipping container doors if requested.

Offering the UK’s largest and most diverse range of used shipping containers, refurbished shipping containernew (one trip) shipping containers and even our new range of specialised container offices (which typically come ready insulated!) we hope to help you on any ply line requirements. Or, as is always sensible, give us a call and we can have a chat about what you’re using the container for and what are the best options we have local to you.

If you have your own shipping containers enquiry please feel free to contact us for more information, helpful advice and a free quotation.

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