Rose and Crown Restaurant Bar – Events Container

In early 2021, local restaurant bar, The Rose and Crown approached us to help create a custom event space for their garden area.

The Rose & Crown Portway is a popular bar and restaurant (favourited by many of our own staff!) located in Worcestershire. They offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere with an excellent range of delicious meals and drinks.

The restaurant has a large garden with a seating area and in 2021, they approached us to help create an custom space they could hire out for parties and events. While we supplied the containers for this space, the Rose and Crown arranged for the fabricators and conversion work themselves. Our team loved being a part of a local project like this and seeing it all come together.

One Trip Containers

Rose and Crown purchased 1x 20ft one trip container and 2x 40ft one trip containers. As these containers were going to be used by the public, choosing one trip units was the best choice. One trip containers are as close to perfect as you can buy in the UK. Having only done one journey from China to the UK they have very minimal cosmetic damage.

One trip containers are also less than a year old, so offer 2-3x the lifespan of a used container and need very little maintenance.

Delivering the Containers

For these containers, delivery was not straightforward. As the restaurant wanted these containers in their garden area they needed to be delivered over the actual building. As standard we deliver all shipping containers via a hiab truck. However, a hiab truck was never going to be able to lift over the top of a building!

To deliver these units, the Rose and Crown hired a crane to lift the containers off the back of our flatbed trucks and lift over the building and onto the prepared ground in the garden. Some of our team even managed to get out of the office to see the delivery happen.

Siting the Containers

The ground had been prepared by placing breeze blocks on the ground to level the containers. By siting the container on these blocks, the pub ensured that the containers were level. Having level containers is incredibly important. If a container is uneven, it can prevent the doors from working properly. It also keeps the container from sitting directly on grass, meaning that the underside of the units can dry out and prolong the life of the containers.

The containers were positioned in an L shape, with the two 40ft containers placed side by side and the 20ft container backing onto one of the 40fts. The containers would then be joined together to create an open space inside.

Joining the Containers

To create an open space for the events container, the 40ft containers had a side each removed to create a wide space. One had an 8ft section removed, so it could be joined with the 20ft container, which had an end removed.

The containers then had to be reinforced on the top and bottom rails to stop the containers from sagging where the walls had been removed. They were welded together to fully join the units and make them wind and watertight again.

Making the Events Container

With the containers on site and joined, the restaurant got to work on making the containers into an events space. The containers were externally repainted in a dark grey, with the locking bars on the cargo doors also being repainted but in a rose gold.

They also cut apertures and fitted large bifold doors in the sides of the containers. Fitting bifold/patio doors is a common request we receive from customers looking to convert shipping containers. Fitting the doors on site is advised rather than in depot.

While our conversion yards are excellent and can fit doors like these no problem, transporting the container can cause some issues. Containers move a little during transit and it can mean that the doors can shatter on route. We often recommend having our yards cut the aperture out, and then the door can be fitted on site.

A small storage area was partitioned off, with a personnel door for access. For finishing touches, a new floor was fitted throughout, the containers were also lined and insulated. Electrics and lighting were installed.

A patio area had also been added to the outside of the containers for additional seating. This outdoor area was also covered by a canopy.

Hiring the Events Space Yourself

The Rose and Crown’s events space is available to hire for private events. If you have a birthday, anniversary or any other kind of large party to organise, please get in touch with the great team at the Rose and Crown restaurant to hire out their amazing space. You can get in touch with them here or contact them on 01564 822 166.

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