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Shipping Container Security Alarms

One of the most common questions we get asked is “how do I prevent thieves from breaking in to my container”? Now we can never guarantee that someone can’t gain access to your shipping container, as heavy cutting gear can cut through the side or the roof if you have a suitably prepared and determined thief, but there are certainly ways of minimise the risk of “chancers” or opportunists looking for a quick steal!

Burglaries of shipping containers, garden sheds and garages are on the rise with people on the lookout for valuables such as power tools, lawn mowers, sports equipment, bikes or general building equipment or homewares (see the latest police advise on preventing container, shed, garage entry crime here). We are now leading the way in the industry by offering wireless GSM shipping container security alarms!

These shipping container security alarms will be launched in the next week and bring the container industry into the 21st century. Whilst fitting a quality Squire or CISA padlock and lock box will typically be enough to deter your average opportunist, determined thieves might attempt to access the contents of your shipping container by cutting through the side walls or even the roof. If they do that, you might not know until you next go into the container to get your items, which for many customers may be a fairly long time. Our new range of shipping container security alarms can ensure you know immediately.

The Mobeye security system for shipping containers is the latest development in offering additional security for shipping containers and features an on-board GSM that sends text alerts and makes calls to up to 2 mobiles upon activation, or up to 5 mobiles when using the Mobeye Argos alarm model. This means when someone is gaining access to your container you will be alerted immediately and can take action.

This shipping container security alarm system also includes an integral 80 dB siren which in many cases will scare any thief off, but can also alert anyone nearby to whats going on.

This alarm system also includes a security roaming Pay-As-You Go SIM that is supplied with £10.00 of credit and we’ll program the device for you with the mobile numbers that need notifying when the alarms sounds. The system only charges 99p per month ongoing line rental so its a very cost effective solution once used. You will then get charged ‘per text’ and per communication from the device which is ordinarily when its been set off (the system will also send you low battery and low credit warnings). Normal text charges apply.

There is also an 8-10 metre motion sensor, more than enough to cover a 40ft container when placed a short way into the container, and this is plenty of coverage of the sensor is placed anywhere in a 20ft container. They have a low profile mushroom antenna that will look almost invisible when mounted to the roof.

Shipping container alarms are ideal for use on units that are placed in remote locations such as on farms, allotments, industrial estates and even in urban locations where burglaries of sheds and garages is increasing. Many local police forces provide excellent advice for securing remote storage that includes advising owners to secure their units with good quality padlocks and monitored burglar alarms. Check that your household policy covers you for theft from your garden and outbuildings.

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