Shipping Container Staircases and Fabricated Products

Staircases and ramps for shipping containers

At Budget Shipping Containers we have a dedicated fabrication team for all of our staircases, platforms and ramps. With years of experience they have a number of standard products to offer (such as staircases for accessing a double stacked shipping container), plus we can also help customers design and build a niche or specialised product to help with their container operation.

We produce ramps, staircases, gantries and other fabricated metalwork to a set of standard designs, we can adapt these solutions to your particular needs, and even produce bespoke items from your plans. Feedback from customers for these products has been fantastic, they are sturdy, well built and finished to a high standard. A full installation service is available also, price on request.

Ramps for Shipping Containers

We provide ramps for all sorts of uses. Pedestrian ramps with load bearing of 400kg, forklift ramps with load bearing up to 10,000kg, mobile cargo stairs with a huge 8ft square platform (to allow for container doors on stacked containers to be opened and used), personnel staircases both fixed position and mobile, and mini staircases to suit any application. Gantries and platforms can be produced to order, as can any bespoke item you can provide plans and specifications for.

Cargo Stairs for Shipping Containers

Illustrated here is a set of Cargo steps produced for a storage warehouse. The customer wanted to be able to double stack containers within a warehouse, and use the staircase to access the upper tier. Our mobile cargo stairs have a full 8ft square platform, allowing the container doors to be fully opened whilst loading or unloading. The staircase is on wheels allowing for the steps to be easily moved around the warehouse, but they lock into place when you want it static. The staircase was delivered by our fabricators, assembled on site and adjusted to suit the working height required.


Personnel Stairs for Shipping Containers

These standard personnel steps were supplied to the police at Stansted Airport. They wanted a storage container and a raised office above, so they can keep an eye on the Airport whilst enjoying a cup of tea in the dry! We supplied some used and repainted containers, and the staircase that you see on the picture.

These staircases are universal, so the stairs can be fitted to run down to the left or to the right as required. They were so pleased with this storage / office space that they ordered another set for a different location within the Airport!

Bespoke Staircases

These mini-steps were produced for a customer who wanted to raise their container up off the ground, and access it via a personnel door. They are smart looking, sturdy and fit for purpose. These were produced as a bespoke item to the customers design. We can produce steps like this in any size you need, from a simple one-step to access a door slightly too high to step into, right up to sets big enough to use to access the roof of your container (please note container roofs require strengthening to support using the roof as a viewing platform etc…)

Mobile Cargo Loading Steps

We were commissioned by a freight company to design and build a set of steps specifically for loading a container while it is on the back of a truck. This simple solution means that containers do not need to be unloaded from the vehicles and reloaded after packing, increasing efficiency and saving time and money. Its also helps with sites that may not have loading bay facilities or may have unusual export loads or projects to manage.

These cargo steps can be wheeled up to the doors of the shipping container, adjusted in height to allow for variations in trailer bed height, and used for personnel to take items into and out of the container. Both side rails are removable, allowing you to place them in either direction as space allows. This type of staircase is available to order subject to production lead time.

See our full range of shipping container stairs and ramps. offer the UK’s largest online range of shipping containers for sale with a nationwide network of storage and conversion yards and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

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