Shipping Containers with Flat Sides

Shipping Containers for Advertising

We are often asked if we are able to supply a container free of dents/corrugation. Typically this is to add some form of branding or advertisements onto the side of the containers. Whilst our one trip (new quality) shipping containers are virtually dent free, flattening the corrugations on a shipping container side wall won’t be a practical solution as it would be extremely expensive, to the point where alternative options will offer considerably more cost effective means.

In this guide we discuss some of the available options if you want a flat sided container for graphics, artworks, advertising signage,  or similar.

Cladded Containers

One way to create a container with smooth sides is by cladding the exterior of the container with timber. Doing this allows you to have a smooth wooden surface with the ability to do whatever you need with the container. These can be painted, or you can keep banners and signs smooth by fitting them perfectly on a flat surface.

A good example of what can be done with a cladded container, can be seen on our webpage “1001 Uses for a Shipping Container #208: An LED Digital Billboard“. This was a custom sized 15ft shipping container we made for a digital advertising agency, with delivery to London’s Kings Cross Station to where the customer added their own signage to the container.

These will be converted to order in our yards allowing us to offer you a high degree of customisation.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated Shipping Containers are more specialist. Typically used to hold food for long periods of time. However, these also come as standard with smooth side walls that are not corrugated.

While not the main usage for a refrigerated container, these have been used to put up advertisements or even to project films onto. While they can be a more expensive option, we can supply a non-operational refrigerated container for a lower cost. The pictures below are of a  typical used refrigerated shipping container we may take in, we can of course have this jetwashed or repainted if needed to allow for branding or advertising to be added later.

non operational refrigerated cotnianer, door and left hand side view Side view of used shipping container, with old white paint White non op refrigerated shipping container, old paintwork but few dents and damages

Domino Clamps

Domino Clamps are an ideal way to fix a large range of items to the side of a shipping container. These are fitted into any ISO corner casting and tightened up with a 10mm hex key. There is an almost limitless number of items that can be bolted to the container using the M12 threaded holes on the face of the Domino Clamp. This would be an ideal, cost-effective way to attach signs and banners to any side of the container as well as big screens or large green screens for Film and TV productions and even LED screens as these clamps can take a decent weight. These can also be removed at any time leaving no damage to the container and can be used again elsewhere.

Dimono clamp holding glass of bubbly

2 Domino clamps can fit into one corner casting, meaning that you can fit a total of 16 onto a single container if you want to cover all four sides, or just four clamps are needed if you are putting a banner on one full side only.

These can be used on any ISO shipping container but they are not compatible with our flat-pack containers and our Containex galvanised range which come with non-ISO castings. If you don’t know if your shipping container is ISO (international standard or not) please speak to us and we will advise. Domino Clamps are a great option as they allow you to put up your own signage and advertisements more cost-effectively than some other solutions.

Which option is better for me?

All 3 options are viable in their own right. Different options may work for different requirements.

There is not a definitive answer on which option is best, but to summarise:

Cladded containers are particularly good because they are as smooth as containers can get. We clad these containers in our depots, and they are very easy to apply paint or vinyl. Prices may vary for this and are dependant on the quality and size of the container.

This can work well for a long term requirement but may not be cost effective for many customers if there is a short term need.

Refrigerated containers are good if you’re using them for both storage and branding. Using a non-operational container helps to reduce the cost. They are also one of the best insulated containers you can get. This is great as you won’t have to worry about the items you are storing inside to get affected by condensation whilst y0u are using the container for advertisement or branding. Non-operational 20ft refrigerated containers are expected to be in the range of around £3,000+ VAT + delivery but it may be possible to hire one out for shorter term needs, but with projects similar to this we may want to understand more about your project, and gain assurance that our container won’t’ be damaged or heavily repainted when returned to us.

Domino Clamps are great for when you either have existing containers with corner casting available or you just want to by a cheap container. Four Domino Clamps can help you put a banner or signage on one full side of a shipping container. Prices are as shown on our webpage + VAT + Delivery.

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