What is a shipping container?

Shipping containers are used to move freight around the globe, around 85% of the goods imported into the UK arrive in a shipping container of one type or another and the concept of shipping containers has helped revolutionise global trade over the past 60 years. They keep the freight clean, dry, anonymous and secure for transit and incredibly well engineered.

once used shipping containers for saleModern shipping containers used in the freight industry will all have a pair of end opening container doors. Doors will have 4 locking bars and will have a rubber seal around the doors. Inside you have a circa inch thick marine plywood floor on top of some very heavy duty steel cross-members which allow the container to be lifted when loaded with 20-30 tonnes of freight. The underside of the floor is coated with a bitumen resin to aid waterproofing.

The sides and front end (the opposite end to the doors) are built from corrugated anti-rust COR-TEN A grade steel, an alloy that form non-porous rust when exposed to the elements (so when it does rust, the rust won’t let water through the rust layer, meaning it will take a very long time to rust through)

A container will have minimum 2 small vents, which for storage use do not allow for any considerable air flow and a few cargo lashing points along the top and bottom rails in the container. On the container doors you will commonly see a small metal plate with the specs of the container when new (max cargo weights, safe stacking weights, date of manufacture, CSC plate number and so on)

Many other non ‘standard’ container options are available – in Jan 2015 we have 9 standard ranges of new 20ft containers and you can get a good idea of what’s available from our range of new 20ft containers.

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