How to Run a Click & Collect Service from a Shipping Container

Click and Collect services became hugely popular during the Covid19 pandemic. Lockdowns changed the way we shop and socialise, and whilst we hope things will return to 'normal' as restrictions relax - Click and Collect is a service option that is here to stay.  In this article, we look at how businesses can run click…Read more  →How to Run a Click & Collect Service from a Shipping Container

1001 Uses For a Shipping Container #198: A Bakery!

Our hunt for alternative uses for Shipping Containers has uncovered another absolute gem - a shipping container bakery!  Whilst reading up on our Shipping Container news recently, we stumbled across a story about the fantastic Sweets 4 Days Bakery & Creations. Baking entrepreneurs Alesha Bout-Murphy and partner Passion Ganaway finally realised their dream of opening…

8 Questions To Ask When You Buy a Used Shipping Container

If you are searching for a used shipping container for storage, export or to convert into something new, there are some key details that you might like to check first. To help you make the right purchase, here are 8 questions to ask when you buy a used shipping container: 1. What size shipping container…

Covid Secure Shipping Container Office Vauxhall

Inside view of covid reception office showing 'in' and 'out' doors.

Converted 20ft Shipping Container for DGP Logistics, Southfleet. In March 2021 we delivered this custom-built Covid secure shipping container office unit made from a 20ft shipping container to a major construction site in Vauxhall London SW8.  Our customer, DGP Logistics in Southfleet requested a Covid secure shipping container office/reception space for their own customer's construction…Read more  →Covid Secure Shipping Container Office Vauxhall

How To Create The Perfect Shipping Container Retail Space

Learning how to create the perfect retail space in shipping containers is growing increasingly popular as business owners search for a more flexible and cost-effective option to start, or build a retail empire. We are all shopping in different ways, and the UK high street as we know it is diversifying. This is largely thanks…Read more  →How To Create The Perfect Shipping Container Retail Space

Why are shipping containers so expensive right now?

Why has the price risen for new and used Shipping Containers? 2020 Q3 and 2021 Q1 saw the fastest increases in shipping container prices on record, with many inside the industry being caught out by the speed and severity of shipping container price increases. In this article we detail why, and when we hope and…

Bespoke Container Stack for Smithfield Casings, Welwyn Garden City

stack of blue shipping containers

In February 2021 we delivered this bespoke container conversion to Smithfield Castings and Sundries Ltd of Welwyn Garden City. In this case study, we talk through the customer's needs and how we helped provide the best and most cost-effective solution for this client. The customer needed some storage for their yard, but with space at…

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