Guarantee & Returns Policy

Please find below details of the Guarantees we offer and our Returns Policy should you need to.


Storage Containers

All our storage containers come with a 12-month wind and water tight guarantee. We are so confident in the quality of our storage containers at the time of sale that we say if for any reason the container naturally wears a hole we will come and repair the container for you (we are of course fully expecting you to get many years of good use out of any of our storage containers).

This guarantee does not cover any damage incurred from ‘external influence’ (so if you wanted to drive your fork lift into the container, or if a tree falls onto it, we’re sorry to say this doesn’t count!)

Seaworthy Containers

We guarantee that at the point of sale that you containers are cargo-worthy and suitable for deep sea transport. Commonly our second hand containers are CSC plates or ACEP approved for deep sea transport for 3-6 months after the date of purchase and new build containers come with a 5 year CSC plate.

Check out terms & conditions for more detailed information

Returns Policy

If we supply you with a container that is not as described, we will repair up to spec or replace the container at our cost. We do reserve the right in extreme circumstances to offer a full refund.

If we supply a container that is supplied as described and that has not been modified, we accept a return at full value minus any costs we incur as a result of the return.

If we supply a container that is as described and specified and that has been modified, any return will be dependent on our ability to return the container back to its original state, or to find a buyer for it.

If you have ordered a customised or refurbished to order unit, and it is supplied as described we will work to refund you money as above. However, you may have to wait for us to re-sell the container before we can offer a refund and this will still be minus any costs incurred with the return (e.g. any additional haulage costs associated with the return and the original delivery costs).

If collecting your own storage container from one of our depots you driver is invited to inspect the container at the time of collection. Collection of the container indicates acceptance of the container in its current condition. Where possible we will make reasonable allowances

If we deliver the container we ask that you check the container whist the delivery driver is still on site – and report any problems to us immediately. Some common issues can easily be resolved by our delivery driver.

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