10ft Galvanised Storage Containers (One Trip / New)

Product Reference: 3553
  • 10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6 high
  • Exact external dims 2438mm wide, 2991mm deep,
  • Galvanised Steel Construction
  • Stackable 3 high
  • Made in Europe
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Optional fork pockets and lock boxes
  • Nationwide Coverage (price will vary geographically)
Price from: £2,995.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 3553 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

These 10ft galvanised storage containers offer fantastic long term value and quality for a wide range of storage applications. Made in Europe, these units have done a very short trip to the UK via reliable ports – meaning these units will often be cosmetically smarter than a container sent in from China.

We hold small stocks of these Containex units in various depots across the UK in blue and green options, but with notice we can manufacture larger and bespoke orders to request. We hold large stocks in Europe available at a week or so’s notice.

With a wide range of extra features including fork pockets, steel floors, high security lock boxes these storage units are fantastic for a huge range of storage applications. From basic domestic or light industrial storage uses, to small retail outlets (ideal for retail use with a roller shutter fitted to the door aperture?), extra secure tool sheds or lockups, bike and motorbike storage, groundskeeper store, sports clubs, the list goes on! They can be stacked 3 high and with optional fork pockets this means they can be used as part of a modular storage solution ideal for a wide range of response applications, load 4 of these onto one articulated truck and he’s ready to go in 2 minutes rather than an hour or two.

These 10ft storage containers are all made from galvanised steel whereas most Chinese shipping containers are made from COR-TEN steel. One can debate the pros and cons for each type, but in both cases your steel is protected and very hard wearing. With these galvanised units the container will not rust away unless both the paint and the galvanised layer are both compromised (and this can be fixed with a quick touch up of any damaged areas) . As these containers are designed to be sat static on your site for an indefinite period, they aren’t going to pick up the same levels of damage a sea going container would likely receive, and as such they will likely last for years, possibly decades.

These 10ft galvanised storage containers are built in Europe and have arrived here on a truck – meaning they are typically less prone to picking up dinks or dents on their first trip into the UK, however these are officially sold as one trip units and some minor wear consistent from their shipment into the UK should be expected.

Typically if you need a 10ft galvanised storage container we do recommend getting in touch or calling us to discuss the options. We will commonly offer the best value options for the customer based on the best combination of container and delivery costs depending on the location and available stocks at the time of your call, and we have multiple ranges for our 10ft container options. If you want this specific range over our other ranges, we ask you to please make this clear to us so we can ensure you get what you want.

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