10ft Hazardous Chemical Storage Containers

  • 10ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 high
  • Chemical storage containers
  • Designed and built to BASIS/H&S standards for storage of a variety of products
  • 226 litre bund with galvanized grid floor and outlet valve
  • Vented at floor and roof level to allow for the escape of hazardous gasses
  • Circa 10 Tonne max payload
  • Fork pockets
  • High security lock box (padlock cover)
  • Limited availability so please enquire. Regional prices will vary subject to location.
Price from: £3,450.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 5764

Product Description

Hazardous chemical storage containers are new one trip shipping containers and typically available in the UK from our Felixstowe depot.

The floor is bunded – its specifically designed to catch and hold any hazardous chemicals that could potentially spill or leak, preventing the chemicals from escaping into the groundwater. Also designed with floor and roof level vents which will allow any escaping gas to vent out of the container, preventing build up of hazardous or flammable gasses in the event of a leak or gas escape.

Regulations covering the specs required for your chemical store will vary depending on the exact chemicals you are storing and the quantity – However these units will more than fit the vast majority of customer requirements.

Chemical stores are also available as 8ft hazardous chemical storage containers and 20ft hazardous chemical storage containers so hopefully there’s a suitable size to choose from. And if not, just contact us and we’ll offer advise as best we can.

These 10ft hazardous chemical storage containers come with a circa 10 tonne payload and a bunding capacity of 226 litres.

As with all one trip containers, these have all done one trip over from China and may have 1 or 2 small imperfections consistent with this initial trip, but all containers are checked on arrival so you are assured of a structurally sound unit that will be sold in a seaworthy condition, and all our containers come with our 12-month warranty against natural water or weather egress. These new one trip seaworthy containers also come with a circa 5-year CSC plate so they are also ideal for exporting goods. More information on what to expect from a shipping container is available from our news article ‘What can you expect from a one trip shipping container.’

With the heavy duty container doors comes a high security lock box, and by adding one of our Shipping Container padlocks for an additional £35.00 + VAT or our insurance rated Squire padlocks at £50.00 + VAT, they can also become one of the most secure chemical stores available.

Depending on your requirements we may be able to offer alternative specs and suggestions including used, refurbished or other made to order options, as always please feel free to contact us to discuss any specific requirements.

Flat pack storage containers and chemical stores are also available from Budget Shipping Containers. Although not as strong as these shipping containers they are beneficial if you;re trying to get a container into a tight area where, ordinarily, a hiab delivery vehicle couldn’t get too to offload a shipping container! again please contact us for more information.

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10ft New Chemical Store Technical Specs

External (tolerance +0mm / -5mm)
Length 9ft 9 3/4 ins (2991mm)
Width 8ft (2438mm)
Height 8ft 6 ins (2591mm)
Internal (tolerance +0mm / -5mm)
Length 9ft 6 1/5 ins (2901mm)
Width 7ft 8 1/5 ins (2342mm)
Height 7ft 7 ins (2304mm)
Door Opening
Width 7ft 8 1/5 ins (2342mm
Height 7ft 2 ins (2191mm)
Bund outlet centre of front panel (opposite end to door)
Bund Capacity 266 Litres
Weight 1650 Kgs
Max Cargo 10,350 Kgs

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