10ft Shipping Container Insulation Kit

Preparing door liner
Applying to ceiing
Ceiling applied
Preparing door liner
Applying to ceiing
Ceiling applied
  • Our 10ft DV insulation kit costs £175.00 + VAT (excludes floor)
  • Easy 30-minute installation
  • Prevents cold-bridging
  • Protects against condensation
  • Just 4mm thick but as effective as 55mm of polystyrene!
  • No special tools required
  • Cost-effective insulation solution
  • Protects against moisture and condensation damage for your goods (inc. mould)
  • UK Mainland delivery included
  • Online ordering now available for single kits, if you want more than 1 kit pelase cotnact us and we can raise an invocie for multiple kits on one order.
  • Please check any online ordering notes in the prodcut description if ordering online.
Price from: £175.00 +VAT
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Product Description

Our insulation kits for 10ft standard height shipping containers are ideal for after-market use. They are easily applied by just 2-people in about 30-minutes (for a 10ft kit) and provide excellent insulation as well as preventing condensation damage to stored goods.

As well as being used ‘after-market’, we can supply these when you purchase your 10ft container. Please note though, we do not currently offer an in-depot fitting service for this product.

It’s a great alternative to Grafo-Therm, which is an excellent product for preventing condensation, but our insulation kit has the added advantage that is acts as an insulator too! We feel that our kits perform much better for storage use than grafotherm in the long term.

With a ‘U’ value of 0.92 W/m²K, this kit provides a highly effective radiant barrier at a very competitive price. Basically, a ‘U’ value measures how effective a material is as an insulator and is mostly used by building companies and architects to measure the environmental performance of a building. A lower ‘U’ value indicates better thermal insulation.

Commonly used in the import / export market for the shipment of temperature-controlled cargo’s that do not require refrigerated containers, these also work effectively in static storage containers where you may not want condensation building up in your shipping container. These also come in at approx a third of the price of polystyrene shipping container insulation kits whilst taking up less space and performing about as well.

All our standard kits are supplied in made to measure rolls with an integrated adhesive backing for fixing the product in place. Please note when using this product in ‘cut-down’ containers, there is a container length tolerance of some +/- 4’’. This tolerance is caused by the position on the corrugated ridges/indents on the container walls when a larger container is cut down to produce a smaller container. Cut-down containers are produced by literally cutting down larger containers to produce 10ft units. Sometimes, cut-down containers are classified as refurbished shipping containers. If you have a cut down container we can make any kit fit for you, but it may be wise to give us the internal length measurement and we can ensure the kit will fit well for you. We have a wide range available and can cut them to any required length (6ft – 39ft!)

Whilst only 4mm in thickness, this product is as effective as 55mm thick polystyrene and incorporates a thermal barrier that slows down the rate at which air, within the container cools down thus, preventing condensation. A minute amount of condensation may form from the air outside of the liner as it cools down, but the liner itself will then protect your cargo space inside the shipping container. The air bubble in the middle of the insulation also prevents cold bridging across the insulation material.

When installing, please ensure the container walls and ceiling and free from loose paint, damp and grease. We recommend applying the insulation kit when the container has warmed up. We suggest you use a broom or similar to push the insulation in to place. This will ensure all the adhesive tape is stuck to the surface of the container. Pay special attention to the corrugated ‘indents’ – you want to ensure the tape sticks to the slopes and flats fully to achieve maximum adhesion.

The kits are very easy to install, please feel free to check our article on how to fit our insulation kits for more info on this.

Our 10ft insulation kit costs £175.00 + VAT (all 3 sides, doors and ceiling). This includes UK mainland delivery with typical lead times at 2-3 working days.

We can offer 10ft high cube kits, as well as insulation kits with floor panels if required. Please contact us if you need a special or custom made insulation kit.

Online Ordering

Online ordering is available for single kits for standard height (8ft 6 high) shipping containers only. If you need a kit for a high cube 10ft contianer (9ft 6 high externally), if you want multiple kits, or if you want a floor pannel included then pelase contact us as we will process your order maually.

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