10ft Shipping Container Liverpool (Refurbished)

  • 10ft x 8ft x 8ft6 high refurbished shipping container
  • Wind & watertight guaranteed
  • High security lock box included
  • Repainted in your choice of colour externally
  • Easy open and heavy duty door options
  • Made to order in our Liverpool depot (Some stocks often held in dark green)
Price from: £1,175.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 4536

Product Description

These 10ft refurbished containers are made up to order in our Liverpool depot. they make fantastic smaller secure and dry storage units, and for condensation sensitive applications we also offer a great ply lined option as well.

Made to order in our Liverpool depot with a typical 1-2 week lead time, these 10ft refurbished containers come with an external repaint in your choice of colour, a high security lock box (padlock cover) and your choice of lighter weight easy open doors, or original heavy duty doors. We often have a small number of these 10ft shipping containers in dark green made up and ready to go for emergency orders. As with everything we sell this comes with our 12 month wind & watertight guarantee.

These 10ft refurbished shipping containers are made from a used shipping container, so whilst we obviously guarantee the structure is solid and sound, some dinks and dents will be visible along the frame of your container as evidence of its previous life moving goods around the world.Also as we cut these up from bigger containers, when we do the cuts we need to work with the corrugations in the container side wall. for this reason there will be a circa 10cm or 4 inch tolerance to the length dimension only in any of these refurbished containers

Of course if you have a specificĀ gap to fit your container into (and the container cannot go over a certain length), or if you have a very specifically sized item you want stored inside (so the internal space available must not fall short of a certain length), as long as we know well in advance what we are dealing with we can ensure the container is cut to a suitable size for you.

We make these to order in our yard, we can easily add in other modifications as required. Personnel doors and windows, electrics and lights for a security hut or a small / remote office facility. or perhaps just a basic anti-condensation treatment to keep your fabrics and textiles free of any condensation damage whilst in storage. We also have a range of ply lined 10ft storage containers available from our Liverpool depot (please see the related product links below for more info)

These 10ft refurbished shipping containers are perfect for tool sheds, mini man caves, site offices, archives, bike and motorbike storage, ambient food storage, garden or allotment storage sheds and more.

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