10ft shipping container shelving kit 3, 2-sides + end

  • Shelving and racking bays
  • Heavy duty, quality build
  • Wide range of size options
  • Each shelf can take 800kg UDL
  • Ideal for bulk storage
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Protective feet
  • Express delivery included (mainland UK ex Highlands)
  • Choice of colours and shelving
Price from: £2,298.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Shelving kit to fill both sides and the front end wall of a 10ft shipping container

Our shelving kits have been designed to make the most of the internal storage space within your shipping container whilst allowing you enough free space within the container to easily access your stored items. Kit 2 fits down both long side of the container. Kit 1 fits down one long side of the container and kit 3 runs down both long sides and across the front-end (the end opposite the cargo doors) of the container.

We have 2 shelving capacity options to suit your requirements and budget; these are:

Our heavy-duty racking can hold up to 8000kgs maximum capacity per shelf*

*please click on the technical tab, above, for additional information about our heavy-duty racking.

As standard, we supply our racking kits with a blue/orange finish and chipboard shelves. Our heavy-duty racking comes with 4 shelves as standard. On all our kits, the upper and lower shelf must be placed at the bottom and top of the racking to ensure stability.

All products are delivered unassembled.

Our racking is easily assembled (2 people required) using just a heavy-duty rubber mallet. There are no nuts and bolts.

Our easy to follow instructions are included and each bay will take 2 people about 40 minutes to build. See our online instruction guide for building our shelving kits. Assembly instructions are provided along with tie-plates so each bay can be tethered to its neighbor for improved stability.

Our range of shipping container racking is ideal for making the maximum use of the space within your shipping container. The easy assembly design of this shelving means you’re not wasting time fiddling around with nuts and bolts. If you’d like to see more about how these shelving kits are built, please feel free to check out our online instruction guide on building our container shelving kits.

We also have this short video showing our standard racking units and how to build them:


Our racking kits are designed for standard ISO containers. If you have any other size of unit, please let us know and we’ll design a kit suitable for your container. Please note – Whilst standard ISO shipping containers must adhere to the ISO specification externally, internal dimensions can vary slightly. It’s vitally important that you advise us if your container is not an original ISO Shipping Container i.e. it may be an anti-vandal store or a container that’s been produced by cutting down a larger container.

Shelves have a pitch adjustability of 38.1mm allowing you to space your shelves as required. Shelf 4 is always placed at the top of the uprights to ensure stability with the lowest shelf placed 4 – 6 notches up from the floor. If you require additional shelves, please make this clear on your enquiry as we can add in additional shelves for a very small extra cost. We also include tie plates with our kits to help secure each bay to its neighbour for added stability.

For darker areas and to illuminate shelves why not consider our motion sensing lighting.

Whilst we do accept returns, you must re-pack all the materials supplied back on to the original pallet and securely wrap it. You will be charged for the initial delivery.

Racking options:

Heavy-duty racking – ideal for most industrial uses.

Shelving Options:

Chipboard as standard

White Melamine – add 15% to the costs quoted (not available on the standard-duty range)

Galvanized Panels – add 55% to the costs quoted (not available on the standard-duty range)


Always load the heaviest items on the lower shelves to avoid making the bays top-heavy.


All prices include delivery to England, Scotland (excluding the Highlands and Islands) and Wales. When in stock, orders placed and paid for prior to midday are quite often shipped that day on a 2-business day delivery service. When placing orders that are under £300.00 delivery will be charged.

FEM tested:

Our shelving is tested to FEM standards.

Testing Organisations:

FEM – European Materials Handing Federation – This organisation represents the interests of racking manufacturers. The organisation has a number of aims including the development of standards, quality, technical advice and research into racking and shelving.

Dimensions per bay:

Kit 3 has 3-bays (per side) of shelving that measure 1980h x 915w x 455d (mm) per bay and 1-bay for the front-end (non-cargo door end) of 1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm).

Additional shelves can be added.

Capacity per bay:

1980h x 915w x 455d (mm) – 800kgs UDL per shelf

1980h x 1220w x 455d (mm) – 770kgs UDL per shelf

Total racking length for 3-bays (per side) of 915mm wide shelving is 2745mm leaving around 91mm of space per side at the cargo door end. The non-door end rack is 1220mm wide to fit in a gap of 1440mm (assuming you place the start of the side racks against the non-door end panel) leaving around 220mm of free wall space.

If you already have a 10ft container you must measure the internal length to ensure the racking suggested will fit. If it won’t please let us know the internal measurement of your container so we can offer a suitable alternative.

This product has been tested to FEM standards – a comprehensive load testing process on bays and runs of bays. Including horizontal forces to replicate heavy industrial use.

Common usage for our heavy-duty range are industrial applications whereby you have an obligation to ensure the safety of staff. Ideal for use in warehouses and archive storage.

Please note – Whilst standard ISO shipping containers must adhere to the ISO specification externally, internal dimensions can vary slightly.

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