10ft steel storage containers (made in the UK)

  • 10ft deep x 8ft wide x 8ft high steel storage containers
  • Made in the UK
  • Guaranteed wind & watertight
  • fully seam welded
  • 1.6mm corrugated steel construction
  • Left hand door bolts, easy close door catch
  • High security lock box (padlock cover)
  • Hinge assembly protection
  • internal weather seal
  • 18mm plywood floor.
  • Painted inside and out.
Price from: £2,100.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 6979

Product Description

Budget Shipping Containers are proud to announce the very first new range of containers built in the Uk for approx 30 years.

Made from min 1.6mm corrugated steel panels, this brand new storage container offers the end user a new quality storage option with superb security features and customisation options.

With a corrugated and framed door set, much like a normal shipping container the right hand door will open first. Unlike a traditional shipping container these come with bolt to secure the left hand door when not in use, and easy to use catch to allow you to shut the container without locking it for quick and easy access if in regular use. Plus this range also includes a set of 6 hinge assembly protectors. If someone tries to break in by cutting the hinges off, a bar behind each hinge unit will lock into place keeping the door closed.

Each 10ft steel storage container also comes with a high security lock box (padlock cover) – when coupled with one of our insurance rated heavy duty padlocks you should be able to add the contents of this container or any insurance policy already covering the site.  if this isn’t enough security for you we also have our range of alarm systems for shipping containers to add an additional layer of protection for your goods.

Commonly we hold small stocks in hand but these majority of these units are made to order with a typical 2-3 week lead time. When made to order you can have your own choice of external colour and you can choose from a range of upgrade options for your container.

It’s important to note whilst this looks and feels like a shipping container, this is not an ISO container for use in the shipping industry. This is designed for use as a static storage container and it is not designed to carry cargo on a boat, or be lifted when loaded with cargo, or to have other loaded shipping containers stacked on top of it. These units are also made from standard steel and not CORTEN steel.

However this does come made in the UK to a high specification, with a range of security features that aren’t available on other new shipping containers. These have not done a single  trip over from China so wont’ pick up any dents or damage from this trip. You may expect some wear around the lifting eyes and potentially paint can get scraped slightly when chains come into contact with the container during delivery. You may also get some mud splatter on the containers if its been raining in our yard recently or dust if its been dry but the steel storage containers are supplied in otherwise immaculate condition.

Upgrade options for our 10ft steel storage containers

Upgrade to steel chequer plate floor +£450 + VAT

Add a shipping container padlock for £35 + VAT or an insurance rated shipping container padlock with 10 year manufacturer warranty for £50 + VAT

Add grafotherm anti-condensation treatment or internal roof only ply line £150 + VAT

Add Industrial racking kit 1 -1 long side £363 + VAT (self build) £393 + VAT

Add industrial quality racking kit 2 – both long sides (self build) £696 + VAT

Add industrial quality racking kit 3, both sides and end (self build) £847 + VAT

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