2m x 3m Insulated Flat Pack Store

Product Reference: 11041
  • 2m x 3m Insulated Store
  • Mountable/removable storage
  • Move each panel to your chosen location
  • Requires 2/3 people to assemble
  • All components are Supplied
  • Assembly Instructions Supplied
  • Loop Integrated Lifter
  • Optional Forklift Feet
  • Optional Levelling Feet
  • Additional locking bar and locks available
Price from: £2,352.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 11041 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am – 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

Our Galvanized Powder Coated Insulated 2m x 3m Flat Pack Storage Container is the ideal solution for those looking for a small yet secure insulated storage solution that’s difficult for a normal shipping container to access.

Main features

A flatpack can be a great alternative for when you need a container where a hiab truck can not reach as you can move it then build it wherever you want provided you have the space

Manufactured from Galvanised Steel

Wall panels are fully insulated. Traps heat and minimises condensation.

Easy to build and disassemble

No special tools needed, just a socket set.

2 people minimum is recommended to assemble this unit.

Robust and secure

Double locking system.

Ready to use within a couple of hours of receipt.

A variety of accessories such as levelling feet, forklift feet, etc.

Can be linked in order to make longer or wider.

Built in guttering system

Powder-coated finish as standard.

Our 2m x 3m flats pack insulated store measures 2993mm in length, 2148mm in width and 2180mm in height. When delivered, the unit measures just 300mm in height.

The flat insulation store is completely portable and removable, ideal for a wide range of applications. These units provide good, safe storage and are completely insulated from cold to prevent moisture build-up, making them ideal for storing a wide variety of goods, including fabrics, equipment, archives and more.

Our flat pack insulation can be made longer (or wider) by adding additional units of the same size using linking kits (End or side).

Please note that units cannot be wider and longer at the same time; it can only extend in one direction.

If you have linked the devices together, you cannot lift or reposition the devices. Individual units (not linked) can be lifted by forklift (with forklift feet option) or by crane or similar. They cannot be lifted under load.

For dismantling and moving flat appliances, we recommend using only the original packaging whenever possible. Most importantly, keep shipping bolts handy for reuse if that’s your idea.

Lifting eyes are included. Please note that this device cannot be lifted under load.

The unit weighs 471kg.

The door width is 1250mm.

The door height is 1830mm.

Components and weights

Type of Panel 3m unit
Chassis 120kg
Side wall panel 55kg
End panel 38kg
Door panel 67kg
Roof panel 102kg
Outer corners 5.5kg
Inner corners 1.3kg
Lifting eyes 2.1kg

Construction materials

Flooring – (pre-installed) grade 3 OSB 18mm laminate flooring bolted to a steel channel with a galvanized finish.

Frame – manufactured from a combination of U and C galvanized steel.

Wall – wall panel consists of an inner and outer layer of 0.4mm thick galvanized steel. The inner leather is finished with ‘off-white paint’ RAL code 9002 with the outer skin finished with a powder green coating with RAL code 6005. Between the inner and outer skins is an insulating layer. 40mm thick polyurethane thermostat. Paint has a 5 micron primer underneath with a thickness of about 20 microns.

Roof – consists of inner and outer skin finished like the walls (above) and it also has 40mm insulation between the inner and outer skins.

Door – Manufactured from 0.6mm thick corrugated iron, the door is mounted in a steel frame with stainless steel hinges. Doors are equipped with our innovative 2-way locking system and an optional padlock. Glass wool insulation board.

Ideal uses for a 2m x 3m insulated flat pack store

For storage of power tools and equipment.

Temporary construction site storage.

Additional storage for businesses.

Document/archive storage.

Building material storage.

Sports equipment storage.

Optional extras for insulated 2m x 3m flat pack store

Item Picture Price
Locking Bar with padlock £60.00 + VAT
Rechargeable Lighting (1 unit)

See our lighting video here


£49.00 + VAT
Forklift Feet (set of 4)

See our forklift feet video here

£57.00 + VAT
Levelling feet (Adjustable / set of 4) £40.00 + VAT
Door Closer £45.00 + VAT
Touch-up Spray (blue or green) £19.00 + VAT
Sumped Shelf 1000mm

up-rights and arms extra

See our Shelving video here

£30.00 + VAT
Sumped Shelf 1900mm

up-rights and arms extra

See our Shelving video here

£45.00 + VAT
Shelf Uprights £20.00 each + VAT
Shelf Arms £11.00 each + VAT
Short side linking kit £120 + VAT
Long side linking kit £130.00 + VAT

If you’d prefer an un-insulated flat pack, you can see our 2m x 3m standard flat pack here. Our standard flat packs can be retrofitted with insulation as and when required.

To get a delivery price, please use our enquiries form here.

Insulated flat pack storage delivery information

All units are delivered on a shared load and are done depending on what orders are in your area at the time. We do try to accommodate delivery date requests but can never guarantee it.  Delivery times are Monday-Friday 8am – 6pm.

If delivery vehicle requires FOR’s registration then please state this before ordering as this will cost extra and will need to be quoted, if delivery Vehicle arrives on site and we haven’t been advised FOR’s is required then charges will apply.

Unless otherwise stated delivery includes lifting off on your site subject to good access and egress and sufficient room for crane vehicle to setup and offload. In the event that access/egress is not suitable aborted delivery charges will apply.

Flat packs can only be delivered to customers in mainland UK. We cannot deliver to the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Orkney, Shetland, N.I., the Republic of Ireland and Scottish Islands, BFPO addresses, or the Republic of Ireland. All goods must be signed for by an adult aged 18 years or over on delivery.

Delivery charges and estimated timescales are specified when you place an order. We make every effort to deliver goods within the estimated timescales, however delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen factors. Consultantsea Ltd, T/A Budget Shipping Containers shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the products within estimated timescales.

Risk of loss and damage of products passes to you on the date when the products are delivered or on the date of first attempted delivery by us.

Our delivery vehicle is a 26-tonne Hiab equipped vehicle that is 12.3ft in height and 34ft in length. On occasions, an additional 20ft long trailer may be attached to the vehicle. Please check your site can accept the longest vehicle configuration.

Should you have any access concerns, please send in pictures of the site with measurements and the delivery address so we can check access.

A failed delivery will be charged for, or we will drop the flat pack at a nearby location and you will have to manually move the unit panel by panel to the assembly point or re-deliver on a flat bed vehicle at additional cost and you will have to move the panels as suggested.


All collections of units must be made on flatbed trucks or trailers that have a larger footprint of the unit being collected. Failure to have the appropriate vehicle may result in being turned away.

Shelving guide for flat pack containers

Our shelving guide is designed to assist you in selecting the right number of shelving uprights and arms to suit the weight (UDL) per shelf that you require. Please note that the weight range for this shelving is 30 – 60kg UDL per shelf – UDL is Uniform Distributed Load. The shelves are sump shelves, designed to capture any leaks. The shelf uprights are the vertical supports that hold the shelf arms in place onto which, you place your sump shelves. The shelf uprights simply snap into place so, no need to drill holes in the unit. The maximum number of shelves that can be accommodated per pair of uprights is three. For both the 1000 and 1900mm shelves, you’ll need two shelf uprights per shelf and 2 shelving arms when storing 30kg UDL per shelf. For storage of 45kg UDL, you’ll need three shelf uprights and three shelf arms per shelf. And, for storage of 60kg UDL per shelf, you’ll need four uprights and four shelf arms per shelf.


Shelf uprights – £20.00 each Shelf arms – £11.00 each Sumped shelf (1000mm) – £30.00 each Sumped shelf (1900mm) – £45.00 each So, for 1-tier of 1000mm shelving you’ll need 2 x shelving uprights, 2 x shelving arms and 1 x 100mm shelf. This will cost 2 x £20.00 + 2 x £11.00 + £30.00 = £92.00.

Shelving configuration

For the 2 x 2m flat pack, you can only use the 1900mm wide shelves (1 per side and 1 x 1000mm at the closed end). For the 3 x 2m flat pack, you can use the 1000mm wide shelves (2 per side and 1 at the closed end). Or 1 x 1900mm shelf per side and 1 x 1000mm wide shelf and the 1000mm wide shelves at the closed end. For the 4 x 2m flat pack, you can use 3 x 1000mm wide shelves (3 per side and 1 at the closed end. Or 2 x 1900mm wide shelves per side, and 1 x 1000mm wide shelves at the closed end. The following tables provide you with the information you require for 1, 2 and 3-tiers of shelving covering UDL ratings of 30, 45 and 60kg per shelf.

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