20ft Container Office (Used / Refurbished)

  • 20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6 Refurbished Shipping Container Offices
  • Refurbished to order
  • All Electrics professionally tested and certified in our depot before sale
  • External repaint in your choice of colour in marine grade paint
  • Lined and insulated
  • Range of different specs and configurations available
  • Anti-Vandal doors and windows as standard
  • Other specs will vary slightly depending on the availability of stocks.
Price from: POA

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting reference 5276 or Request a Callback

We are open 8:30am – 7pm, Weekdays

Product Description

We regularly source in ex hire fleet office containers and refurbish them before resale. Exact specs on any office units will vary depending on ‘what we have in’ at any time, some will come with end doors, some with side doors, and they will often have different window and internal configurations.

These offer a cheap and cheerful office option for many. For a typical spend in the £3-4000 range we can offer a used 20ft office unit, fully lined and insulated with lockable doors, anti vandal windows with shutters. Fully checked and tested electrics certified in our depot*, a fresh marine grade repaint externally in your choice of colour and with all internal fixtures and fittings checked and repaired or replaced as necessary for a good quality unit.

There are 2 main configurations of 20ft shipping container office. the cheaper units often have an access door and window mounted just inside the main cargo doors, with windows on other wall panels. This gives for easy compact access but will only suit some customers

*All shipping containers with electrics from Budget Shipping Containers can come with a Transportable Building Electrical Installation Schedule Certificate – this is an Electrical Test Certificate saying we’ve fitted, plugged in and tested all components on your container at our premise and checked they work (this excludes the ‘electrics pack’ which is a self-fit option on our flat pack containers but these components are manufacture tested and only supplied brand new) You will require a qualified electrician to connect all containers to your own electrics once on site and should you need a further Electrical Certificate specific to your site, the electrician you have installing will be able to provide this test certificate (Formal electrical test certificates are only valid at the address they are undertaken, so we cannot provide this certificate prior delivery.) As standard the Electrical Test Certs we supply will be a carbon copy of the signed document typically inside the container. Copies may be available on request.

Other office units will commonly have the personnel entry door in the middle of one long side. this allows you to stack this container on top of another and have a staircase running up into the office. This is very popular with building sites who want to limit their temporary office footprint, and is also preferable for a lot of sites depending on the overall layout of your site and where you want the container. Of course if building a custom unit for you – you can have the doors mounted wherever you want!

The pictures shown are taken from a range of refurbished 20ft container offices we have supplied in the past.

We can also take a used shipping container and turn it into an office for you. This will often be a little more expensive than a purpose built unit, but it does give you control over where you have the doors, windows as well as other fixtures and fittings.

We can also potentially help you with an un-refurbished unit if you wanted to take this work on yourselves. We would strongly recommend viewing in person prior to purchase in these cases as there can be a fair bit of variance in unit quality when we taken them in and its always handy to know what work needs doing before you buy the office container.

You should also find that these offices class as temporary structures. As well as being exempt from planning restrictions they should also not count towards any additional floor area when calculating business rates.

As with everything we sell, the structure of the container is guaranteed for min 12 months but realistically you should be expecting any up to and over 10+ years of good solid use from one of these 20ft container offices.

Stocks and prices will vary between locations and at different times of the year so its always best to check in with us to see what we have available at any given time. We can deliver these containers anywhere in the UK but we do need to get our large delivery truck up next tot he spot where your 20ft container office needs to go to.

The photos enclosed are taken from a number of examples of 20ft offices we’ve supplied in the past and offer and show off a range of options available rather than a specific 20ft office container.


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