20ft High spec one trip shipping container, cosmetic damage (Birmingham)

  • 20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6 shipping container
  • New condition (done one trip tot he UK from China)
  • Has cosmetic damage as shown
  • £200 + VAT discount care of the cosmetic damage
  • Guaranteed wind & watertight
  • 10 vents for reduced condensation build up
  • Varnished floor
Price from: £1,875.00 £1,675.00 +VAT

How to order

To order or enquire about this product please contact us quoting reference 8073

Product Description

Just in – we’ve had one our our high spec new build 20ft containers that has taken a bigger than expected knock on its first trip into the UK from china.

This unit is currently available for sale in our Birmingham depot. This is the only container we have in like this so once sold we are not expecting to have any more stock like this to offer at this discount.

To us – this doesn’t make the grade for what we would consider acceptable damage for a one trip (new build) shipping container. Hence we are offering this with the cosmetic damage shown for £200 + VAT off our current prices.

This 20ft container is still only a few months old and should offer the end user a generation of good quality, secure storage.

As this is one of our high spec units this i built to a genuine leasing spec, it has wait high locking  handles for easy opening, 10 vents for reduced condensation build up and a PU coated (varnished) floor inside.

If you can work with the rippling in the side panel as show, this offers the end user an excellent value long term storage option which will come in near 25 pence per day over the course of its expected 20+ year lifespan. This will also probably retain a good resale value should you wish to sell this on in 10+ years time.

The dents in this structure will not significantly affect the lifespan or durability of this container, this is simply cosmetic damage – to much for us to sell this as a normal one trip container with us keeping a clear conscience. (others may, this is still officially a one trip unit by definition)

Ideal for a wide range of storage options this can be used for storage use or it can be re-certified for export use if required.

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