20ft Non-Operational Refrigerated Shipping Containers (Used)

Limited Stock
  • 20ft long x 8fdt wide x 8ft 6 high ex refrigerated shipping containers
  • Refrigeration gear not working, excellent value insulated storage containers.
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight
  • Best quality of insulation available
  • Stainless steel walls and checkerplate floor
  • Lock box included
  • Photos taken on arrival into depot before checks and repairs.
  • Non operable air con units may be left inside or may be removed.
Price from: £2,800.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

We have just taken in a small number of 20ft non operational refrigerated shipping containers to our Birmingham and London yards. Non op refrigerated shipping containers (or reefers as we call them within the industry) offer the best quality level of insulation for a storage or shipping container, way better than ply lining and insulating a container, with a better internal finish as well.

With stainless steel walls and a checkerplate floor, these units are deigned for food storage and can easily be jet washed if and when you want to give them a good clean out.

The quality of insulation used in a refrigerated shipping container is as good as it gets – we would suggest much better than ply lining and insulating a standard container. These ex rerefer units can maintain an ambient internal temperature regardless of the temperature outside. This makes these very popular with fresh food supply chains as everything from eggs to celery can be kept from freezing on cold nights or baking in summer months. Do bear i mind how often you will open and close the doors ion this sort of setup as this will add temperature fluctuations inside your container.   They will also be 100% condensation free as the high grade insulation prevents any condensation forming. please note adding water or moisture into the container (loading when its raining or even having a moisture content of goods being loaded and stored) can introduce water into the container. its still very unlikely to condense unless you have a lot of water in there and of course these are designed to be jet washable – so you can always give it a good clean and dry out when needed.

These non op reefers also come with lock boxes fitted, allowing these to be super secure with a good quality padlock in place.

These have come in with some old, non-operable air con units, we are currently getting these checked over by our yards – we may lave these in place or we may remove these, TBC.

We have limited numbers available in our Birmingham and London depots now for sale.


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