20ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers (Used)

3 phase refrigerated shipping container plug
3 phase refrigerated shipping container plug
Product Reference: 2226
  • 20ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6 high
  • Refrigerated shipping containers for static storage or export use
  • Individual specs and performances vary, Minimum set points -20 to +20 Celsius
  • Stainless steel interiors with aluminium T-bar floors
  • Requires 32 Amp 3phase power supply with a D-rated (motor rated) circuit breaker
  • Prices will vary depending on availability, age, engine make and location
  • Basic units typically circa¬†a third of the¬†price of an equivalent walk in fridge or freezer
  • Min 6 month CSC plate and PTI engine check
  • Additional conversion options available including lighting, man trap alarms, thermal curtains and easy open doors.
  • Repainting available for improved cosmetics
  • Guide / approx. average¬†price only, prices can vary significantly based on age of equipment, source and US$ rate at time of purchase. Please contact us for a firm quote.
Price from: £7,150.00 +VAT

How to Order

Call us free on 0808 1234 215 quoting product reference 2226 or request a callback.

We are open 8:30am ‚Äď 5pm, Weekdays

Product Description

All our used 20ft refrigerated shipping containers are sourced directly from shipping lines or major leasing companies and are approx. 10-15 years old. You may hear of these being called Reefer or Reefers in the industry.  As these are relatively specialised items we only work with a few key suppliers whom we trust to offer quality equipment. There will typically have a range of engine makes, ages and cosmetic conditions available, and for this reason, prices will vary. Please note the photos shown are from previous used refrigerated containers we have supplied.

At present there is an international shortage of used 20ft refrigerated containers, so the majority of our stock is stored either at Southampton or Rotterdam and moved to a local depot before the sale. However, we do also have occasional stocks at our London, Felixstowe, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool depots.

For export use, these containers can come pre-set and even pre-chilled / heated to your required temperature and humidity setting. All containers come with a minimum 6 month CSC plate allowing you to export the container with major shipping lines and an industry-standard PTI check for the engine (meaning the engine had been checked over by a qualified engineer before it leaves our depot and is deemed to be running well with no apparent potential failures).

For site storage use these used 20ft refrigerated shipping containers offer excellent value as a walk-in fridge, freezers or ambient temperature-controlled stores. We will typically insist on installing (commissioning) the container as well as offering potentially required conversion options to bring it up to standard for your use (e.g. walk-in freezers may require man trap alarms by law, you may wish for lights with shielded cabling to allow you or your staff to see properly, but also suitably installed to allow you to jet wash the container clean when required, you may wish to have thermal curtains installed to help efficiency and depending on your specific use other suggestions may be made). We can also offer cosmetic improvements such as a basic re-paint or operational additional such as a plate floor to allow forklifts to operate inside with ease.

As these are highly specialised pieces of kit, please contact us first to have a brief chat about your specific requirements and we will be able to arrange for a complete quote and offer our advice on the suitability or any required conversion options to ensure you get the best use from one of these units.

Also worth noting, whilst there is currently a worldwide shortage of used 20ft refrigerated containers, there are plenty of 40ft used refrigerated containers in the marketplace. A used 40ft refrigerated container (basic unit only) may come in as little as 10% more than a 20ft container, so if you have the stuff to fill a 40ft container it may well save you a few thousand pounds over 2 separate 20ft units.

At present no major shipping lines run high cube 20ft refrigerated containers (9ft 6 high options) so there are only standard height or 8ft 6 high units available. If you need the high cube option this is available with 40ft refrigerated shipping containers.

Technical Information for Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Please note whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible, some measurements (notably internal measurements) can vary slightly with the development and modernisation of manufacturing techniques over time and with different manufacturers of equipment. If you have a specific sized problem or item to load that’s near these dims please double check with us in advance and if needs be we will get someone to measure your exact container before delivery.

More detailed technical specs for individual refrigerated containers are commonly available, Any technical performance information is correct when the container was new and reasonable allowances should be made when purchasing used equipment.

20ft Refrigerated Shipping Container (Taken from 2014 build Thermoking TCLU prefix container)

Length 20ft (6.058-6.096m)
Width 8ft (2.43-2.45m)
Height 8ft 6ins (2.59m)
Length 5.450m
Width 2.288m
Height 2.263m
Door Opening
Width 2.290m
Height 2.264m
T floor height 40mm
Cubic Capacity below load line 953.64 cu ft (27.00m3)
Weight 2890 Kgs
Max Cargo (Export only) 27590 Kgs (Different max cargo weights available)
Refrigerant R-404A (NB Older units commonly use R-134A gas)
Power Supply Rqd 32 amp, 5 pin 3 phase power with motor rated (D rated) breaker

(Taken from both a 2002 build Thermoking unit and a 2002 build carrier unit)

Length 20ft (6.058-6.096m)
Width 8ft (2.43-2.45m)
Height 9ft 6ins (2.90m)
Length 11.586m
Width 2.290m
Height 2.542m
Door Opening
Width 2.290m
Height 2.506m
T floor height 63.50mm
Cubic Capacity below load line 2380.57 cu ft (64.70m3)
Weight 4870 Kgs
Max Cargo (Export only) 29130 Kgs (Different max cargo weights available)
Refrigerant R-134A gas
Power Supply Rqd 32 amp, 5 pin 3 phase power with motor rated (D rated) breaker

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