20ft Shipping Container Insulation Kit

  • Insulation kit for 20ft shipping container
  • Protects against moisture and condensation damage for your goods (inc mould)
  • Suitable for domestic storage containers as well as export use
  • Prevents cold bridging
  • Circa 30 minute, easy self installation.
  • 4mm thick, Similar performance to 25mm of Polystyrene
  • No special tools required for installation
  • All insulation and tape provided
  • Smaller order volumes typically available from stock.
  • Bulk discounts available (6 or more purchased in one go)
  • UK Mainland delivery included – exclusions apply
Price from: £250.00 +VAT

How to Order

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Product Description

Insulation kits for 20ft shipping containers

These insulation or lining kits go inside a standard 20ft shipping container and can help prevent any condensation build up or moisture damage within your container. Supplied in made to measure rolls with adhesive backing tape ready to fit these are simple to work with, easy to install and very effective. No special tools are required. We suggest to have 2 people to fit this, and a broom can help push the liner against the side and roof panels.

These 4mm thick insulated shipping container liners perform in a similar way to 25mm of polystyrene. The thermal barrier helps slow the rate at which air inside your container cools down, preventing any condensation from forming. A minute amount of condensation may form from the air outside of the liner as it cools down, but the liner itself will then protect your cargo space inside the shipping container. The air bubble in the middle of the insulation also prevents cold bridging across the insulation material.

Commonly used in the import / export market for the shipment of temperature controlled cargo that does not require refrigerated containers, these also work effectively in static storage containers where you may not want condensation building up in your shipping container.

These also come in at approx a third of the price of polystyrene shipping container insulation kits whilst taking up less space and performing about as well.

Installation should take 2 people approx 30 minutes. No special tools are required for insulation. You will need to ensure the internal container surface is free of any damp, dust, dirt or peeling paint before applying your container lining. (all of which may prevent the adhesive sticking as well). Then just roll out each panel of insulation and stick it on. A broom or similar utensil will ensure you can push the insulation in to the corrugate.

If your container already has condensation, we recommend to leave the doors open for a couple of sunny hours in the morning and you should find that any condensation has probably evaporated fro your container by midday.

When used in a storage container we expect the adhesive to last many years. it’s a thermal bonding tape which will typically bond better once your container has heated up in the sun, but it may be that after a few years that tape may need re-application. This is more likely if the panels have been regularly disturbed.

Our basic insulation kit does not include insulation for the floor, this we deem as a good basic option combating condensation within shipping containers. If using these for export use please contact us as we will want to now more about your commodity (and the temperature considerations), volume and routes for shipping before recommending any options to insulate your shipping container.

Fitting is easy. Please feel free to check our our guide on how to fit our insulation kits for more info on this.

20ft shipping container insulation kit prices

Please see below for our prices on insulation kits for 20ft shipping containers. All prices include UK mainland delivery Highlands & Islands extra. Smaller orders typically offer a 2-3 day lead time.

Standard 20ft Insulation Kit (no Floor) £250 + VAT
Standard 20ft Insulation Kit (with floor) £300 + VAT
20ft High Cube insulation Kit (no Floor) £290 + VAT
20ft High Cube Insulation Kit (with floor) £340 + VAT

If you need more information about how to install this insulation kit, please read our full article on shipping container insulation.

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